Billions die because fruit was eaten. Please think about this.

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  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    The Adam and Eve story comes from the cycle of the zodiac......In the sign of Libra to be exact...the start of the fall at the autumnal equinox........fall did I say?

    In the sign of Libra you have three of the ancient classical planets involved....first have to know the seven planets of the ancients.....and you all do! just don't know you do.

    The seven planets are....the moon,mars,mercury,jupiter,venus,saturn and the sun.

    Do you know why you know them?....they are the seven days of the week!

    Monday is the moon day,Tuesday is Mardi in French...mars day,Wednesday is Mercredi...mercury day,Jeudi is jupiter day or Thor's day....(because Thor is jupiter is zeus....they are forces and concepts....not real gods),Vendredi is friday....venus day,Saturday is obviously saturn's day and sunday speaks for itself.....the seven planets.

    However in the story of the autumnal equinox....three of the planets are involved....the sun (the good guy)....venus .....the goddess of love and apples,and saturn...the grim reaper....god of darkness.....satan.

    The sun falls in does Adam....(it's the fall of sunny boy at the autumnal equinox every year as his reign ends)....Saturn climbs (exaltation/darkness once more takes over from the light) in Libra and Venus rules Libra.

    Look at the box on the right of the wiki page to see the characters.

    So you have the sun,saturn and venus (e-venus....the autumnal equinox is the dusk.....the eve-ening of the year).

    You can see Venus with the scales at Cardiff castle.....

    Venus above showing the scales of Libra and the bull of Taurus....she rules both of these houses.

    Venus of Arles holding the apple of Hesperides.

    Venus is also connected to the 5 pointed star........and lo and behold....cut inside an apple and you get the 5 pointed star......and the planet Venus also gives us a 5 pointed star in astronomy also.

    See if you can work out any other stories that come from the zodiac.....there are loads.

    It's all stories about parts of the cycle.....

  • ctrwtf

    And just think, this all happened just six thousand years ago!

  • Crazyguy

    I was just thinking about this yesterday. The creator of the universe is a being that can make planets, suns, galaxies yet he’s so childish that when a girl eats a fruit she’s not supposed to the human race suffers death illness and attacks from viruses and bacteria he created because he’s a little asshole. Really?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Eve sacrificed the human race for a bite of a fruit, what would she do for a Klondike bar???

  • scratchme1010

    That's one of things that took me some time to understand, how can intelligent normal people in their right mind would be willing to buy such bullshit.

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    Cain and Abel are the two equinoxes.....Abel is the spring equinox....the lamb/ram of Aries....that starts off the 6 months of light.....and growth.....paradise.

    Cain is Libra the autumnal equinox that starts off the 6 months of darkness/death and destruction........hell.....the inverno/inferno......which means winter......the infernal regions.......the land of nod where the earth goes to sleep for 6 months.

    The two sacrifices are connected to the two equinoxes.....Abel brings the lamb.....(Aries) and gets gods favour.....6 months of light.

    Cain brings vegetables and this connects with the dividing of all the harvested crops at the scales of Libra....the autumn.....and gets gods disfavour....he heads out to the land of darkness.......its all a story.....

    The two thieves at each side of Jesus are the two equinoxes goes off into perdition (autumn equinox) and the other will be with Jesus/light/sun as he heads off into paradise....the 6 months of light.

    In masonry this is called the royal arch....the "royal" arch because Jesus the sun/king rules these 6 months.

    (The 6 months above are the 6 water containers in the water into wine story.....they are the 6 months in which the sun (Jesus) turns the water and grapes into wine at the end of the 6 months of growth.)

    The two equinoxes are thieves in the sense that the autumnal equinox steals the light from the earth (the bad thief).....and the spring equinox steals the light back (the good thief) the two tommies do their thing every year....the twins.

    Arguing against stories such as the fall of man is as useless as arguing about Santa.....both not real....but still important stories about the cycle of the year and the zodiac.

  • pleaseresearch

    Wow Hanged Man. That is fascinating.

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    Even more fascinating for you PR when you grasp the patterns and see all of the stories in all the religious books as part of the cycle for yourself.....its the story of nature....and its amazing.

    The new sun for the new cycle has arrived today.....Christ IS born today........the "new" sun for the new cycle of the year starts his journey up to the tropic of's a long way's a mountain to climb.....however he is born in the sign of Capricorn as the sun is now at the tropic of Capricorn......that is why Capricorn is pictured as a goat.....and boy.....are goats good at climbing go up you bald headed sun.....go up and get your lions mane.....your golden you gain strength and head up to your most high point.......the acme......the summer solstice.......the king will be in his counting house (cancer) counting out his money (his golden rays)....the queen (moon) is in the garden/paradise/summer....eating bread and honey (Sign of Virgo and constellation of Praesepe)............that poem is about the summer....or in the daily cycle....dawn and midday.......the coming of light as the pie breaks open.....The four and twenty blackbirds are the 24 hours of the day....or the 24 "elders" in revelations.

    All hail the saviour of the earth!,,,,,,the sun child is born who will take away the sin/darkness/winter away from the world......the one who gives his life for us.......and asks for nothing in return.

    The light of the world has returned!......Merry Christmas PR.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Remember, Satan did not lie to Eve. Jehovah stepped in before Satan's statement to Eve could be fulfilled.

    There are so many things wrong with this story. I never totally bought in to it ever.

  • EverApostate

    Histories all murders, rape, poverty, hatred, crime, suffering, diseases, abuse....and all the bad things, came because Eve ate an apple.

    But Satan, the greatest sinner, is still roaming around without getting affected by bad things as like Humans.

    What a mindless, illogical and stupid reasoning.

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