Panic Attacks

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  • Francois

    Has anyone suggested; have you ever tried, breathing into and out of a paper bag, thus re-breathing CO2 and changing the body chemistry that causes the phenomena you describe?

    My ex-wife got panic attacks. She used this technique. It worked for her. Give it a try?


  • anti-absolutism


    I certainly feel for you. I have suffered from the same thing. I agree with Francois that deep breathing will help a lot. Also, I have found reminding myself of a profound and encouraging saying helps. You can write it down and keep it with you if it is too difficult to remember.

    The one that works the best for me is: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". I have repeated that one to myself out loud over and over and it works!!! Unfortunately your husband doesn't seem to have empathy right now. It is probably just denial on his part, so you may have to find your strentgh WITHIN yourself. It is definitely there. You need to have faith in yourself.

    Take care, Brad

  • lisavegas420

    Francois writes : ...have you ever tried, breathing into and out of a paper bag.....

    Lisa's note to self....Sit in the same row as sister breathing into and out of bag.....

    "Be more interesting thats for sure"

  • musky

    rebel, I am sorry that you feel bad. I hope you do what is best for you. Just remember, Things can change really quickly. Plans change. Something comes up unexpectedly and making the meeting may not be possible. So try not to worry about something that may not happen. I hope your panick attacks go away.

  • blackout

    Dear Rebel

    I feel for you so much, I have panic attacks too at the kingdom hall, it is the reason I stopped going to meetings in the first place, then I found this BB and found out about all the wrong things that have happened in the org.

    Go to a psychologist and they can give you some information on what to do in a panic attack and how to controll it, give the information to your husband, he needs to understand what you are going through, a psychiatrist will also be beneficial as they will give you medication which is non-addictive and will help a lot.

    I wish I could help you more. When I used to go to the hall and felt an attack coming on I would go out and sit on the steps or go for a walk. I would do breathing exercises breathing in for a count of six out for ten. Concentrate on different counts of time say 5 breaths for the above count, then 5 breaths for a count of ten in and 14 out etc.

    Panic attacks are very common in people who feel they have no control over their choices. Taking more control of your life CAN help. Having support from others IS vital, find a support person, even a counselor can be good.

    Love and supportive positive thoughts from me

  • Blueblades

    Hi REBEL,Two soft cover books that were very helpful when I suffered from Anxiety & Panic Attacks:Hope and Help For Your Nerves by Dr.Claire Weekes and Anxiety & Panic Attacks by Robert Handly with Pauline Neff.

    When I used to feel an attack coming on I would reach for these books and read the underlined portions and a calmness would come back to me.

    Now my attacks are very few.I have not taken any medication at all.However,you do what's best for you.


  • NameWithheld

    My wife used to get panic attacks regularly - often at meetings, but also at other times. The cure? Kick the WT habit. Within 6 months the panic attacks stopped, the fibromialgia (sp?), and joint pain was gone. Soon after she was off all anti-depressant, etc medications and sleeping normally. Funny how lack of guilt can make life so much better huh?

  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    Rebel, all I can tell ya is that my blood pressure went down to normal within a week after I left the borganization never to return...

    Auntie Flame

  • blackguard

    Hi rebel, Some of the posters gave you good advise. Your problem is fixable! Brain chemistry might be the cause: often serotonin levels are low and drinking whole milk may resolve it for you. If this doesn't work you have three other choices to whip this monster. (i) drugs; but they can create other problems (ii) professional help usually employs the techniques of cognitive therapy but it'll cost you for sessions. (iii) you can purchase self-help books on anxiety/panic attack as blueblades, I think, was referring to. This latter choice keeps you off drugs. Cognitive therapy or emotive therapy essentially engages you in talking to your brain or mind; I know it sounds crazy, but it works. For instance, if someone tells you they love you and they mean it, don't you usually have a pleasant sensation? It's a brain effect. Cognitve therapy is talking audibly to yourself when you feel an attack commencing. The brain reponds similarly; your attacks lessen in severity and frequency. You have some core problems that you may want to address later, after you get your attacks under control.

  • rebel

    Thanks for all your suggetions, everyone. I shall certainly look into them all.

    I know I have to beat this thing because it ruins my life. Ultimately, I know I need to be free of this organisation because it doesn't help me - it never did. It's like some big monster, lurking in the background - It's always there. I am always being asked - "Are you coming to the meeting", even though I have said I don't want to go. I know once I am truly free of all this I will control the attacks much better.

    Thank you all for your kindness.


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