Girls: what would your ideal guy be like?

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  • siegswife

    The ideal guy is Sieg. He's spiritual, intelligent, sensitive, sexy, liberated, a great father to our daughter, plays a mean guitar, likes it when I beat him at "strip tiger wood's golf" or "strip gin rummy",, understanding, funny, witty, etc. etc. etc. He's the man of my dreams and a man that dreams are made of...and he's real.

  • not interested
    not interested

    damn I dont fit anybodys ideals,

  • Mac
    damn I dont fit anybodys ideals,

    Not Interested, But, yer HOT! right? mac, of the please don't send Simon a stalking report class

  • not interested
    not interested


    if it were anyone else but you stalking me, I would be afraid but you are so sweet.....

  • joannadandy
    but at the end of the day they are all crafty buggers! They go for the man with the biggest wallet, and if they can find a big wallet with big muscles and big lunch box, they'll take all 3!!!

    That is so not true! I don't know what kind of women you hang out with Ballistic, but I think the majority of us don't fit into this catergory. Do women like this exisit...of course they do...they suck and wreck everything for the rest of us. LOL.

    Personally I hate muscles...the overblown beefcakes scare the crap out of me, they don't inspire me with lust.

    In fact the number one TURN OFF with a dude, would be the ones that come up to me and say "Hey baby, I pulled in 75,000 last year, I drive a Lexus, and just back from a cruise in the bahamas...wanna hang with me?" I HATE it when guys try to impress me with how much they make. I want to know if a guy has a job, and if he likes his job. That's it. What his bank account status is is none of my business.

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    Tim McGraw.........need I say more? The whole package is awesome!

  • greven

    I am astonished!

    What girls really want seem to be very simple things. To most looks are unimportant to a certain extent.


    My ideal man would come with a sign painted on his forehead that reads: "Hi! I'm your ideal man!" cause I probably wouldn't recognize him if I found him/he found me...

    I think it very likely we wouldn't recognize our perfect match... What a shame...[;)]

    I am very surprised nobody said: "not a JW"

    Thanx for your input sofar girrrrrrrls!

    Greven of the learning-to-be-an-ideal-guy class


    Ideal guy . . . is there such an animal?

    All the men I feel attracted to are afraid to love and have unbelievable hangups that I simply can't comprehend -- they just confuse the hell outta me <shaking head in disbelief>

    I do know there has to be a strong sexual chemistry between us.

    My ideal guy will talk about stuff with me --- I will gladly listen.

    My ideal guy must have at least one ounce of spirituality -- unlike the men I've known so far that have a void where a soul might have been --- once.

    My ideal guy will take me dancing and know how to lead a dance.

    My ideal guy must treat me like I deserve to be treated.

    My ideal guy will not regret falling in love with me and will love meee unconditionally forever!

    ESTEE <------ of the "dare-to-dream" class

  • greven
    ESTEE: My ideal guy will take me dancing and know how to lead a dance

    Uhm, this surely EXcludes me. I can only be pressed to dancing after several acoholic beverages (I am a bit shy I guess ) and then you do not want to see me dancing, let alone leading.

    Greven of the sweet-but-too-shy-to-dance-class

  • expatbrit

    Why is it that when women try to describe their ideal guy, they end up describing another woman? Expatbrit

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