Girls: what would your ideal guy be like?

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  • greven

    What should be included in your ideal-guy-kit?

    I also started a thread for the guys to put their wishes on a list, but what do you want from a guy?


  • Mary

    Someone who stands upright, showers at least once a week and manages to make a 2-4 last for Saturday AND Sunday .

  • moreisbetter

    For starters, unattached and available.

  • Billygoat
    Someone who stands upright...

    LOL! Has this been an issue? Where are you meeting these men? LOL! (just kidding!)

    I'm the type that's always gone for the bad-boys. Guys that are super-sexy and look great driving a hot car or a bike or drink a lot and party hard. They were always out-going, funny, affable, and had lots of friends. But they always broke my heart. So I finally dated a guy that is totally different from those in my past. He's quiet and shy, very sensitive and compassionate. Writes poetry, composes music, and is very tenderhearted and is extremely witty. But strange enough, he loves fast cars and is quite an excitement junkie too. I've never met a man that has this strange combination, but we seem to be a good match. I'm head-over-heels.

  • rebel

    My idea of an ideal man may be boring to most of you, but here goes.....

    He must be kind, gentle, NEVER shout, love me unconditionally (even when I do stupid things) and be genuine. I wouldn't care what he looked like. I would just love to be in a relationship with a man that doesn't make me feel 2 inches high

    xxR Of the "We can all dream, can't we?" class xxx

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    My ideal man would be a handsome, built, self-sufficient and decisive man. He'd be a cowboy, since obviously I live in the country, and admire and respect men that live on, and off the land. He'd be a country boy that'd respect my contribution, respect and knowledge, and care for the land as much as I do. He'd be a family man with integrity, honesty, and compassion. He'd be strong in times of trouble, and sensitive in times of need. He'd have to play a dual role since I'd want him to be both sensitive and strong at the same time.. just like me. He'd be a hard worker, just as I am.. and not afraid.

    Woops.... I already married my ideal man.. cept he ain't a cowboy. But just put a hat and jeans and boots on him.. and I'm off in lalaland... <grin>

    Country Girl

  • wednesday

    I like intelligent men, that is important for me. next is -a sense of humor. Next would be good with/likes children and respects mother./father. has a reasonably decent job. Good lover., a person with principles. not necessarily in that order. Notice, looks did not even make the list. it is not that they arent' nice, but if a man has other qualities, looks aren't all that important. anyway, i have my billy jack, and i am happy.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I may sound picky, but I'm not really. I'm just smart enough to know what and like, and how to smell trouble form a mile away.

    Let’s see, I’ve dated so many different people it’s hard to pick a type. But here’s ideal:

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Older than me. Funny. Intelligent. Vast taste in music. Enjoys exploring spiritual ideas. Not in the military. Enjoys going out, drinking beer, and being loud. Enjoys staying home, barbequing, and watching movies. Is tolerant with children. Loves to learn. Is interested in the things I’ve accomplished, and takes my opinions seriously. Is willing to learn things from me. Is willing to teach me things. Is independent, and responsible. Somewhat athletic, they don’t need to workout everyday but be health conscious. Very open mined, not believing they are the only ones who are right. Diplomatic. Taller than me, at least 5’11. No accent. Must enjoy The Scorpions, Morrissey, and The Phantom of the Opera. Would surprise me. Like monster truck rallies, and live theatre. Be the same person in public as they are behind doors. Know how to drive stick. Not ashamed to say he loves me in public. Kinky in bed. Does not have a porn collection. Is tidy in his house, and has good hygiene. Does not cheat. Is confidant. Is not obsessed with Saturday Night Live. Financially stable, yet has a great desire to help others. Dances. And as always tattoos and piercings are a plus but not a must.

  • shera


    My ideal man would be a man who respects women,doesn't look down on them because they are female.

    A man that can clean after "themselves".

    A kind ,gental man that makes me feel safe.

    I also ,like a hard working man...turns me on..LOL(yeh baby!!)

    OH! Also..I love broad shoulders......

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