New "most frustratingly addictive game ever" to play -

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  • flamegrilled

    If you enjoy this then "Osmos HD" might be up your street also (Android). A little less manic. Very serene playing with headphones. And some great variants in play. Hopefully there is a still a free version to try out. It was one of the few games on Android that I upgraded to paid version and really got my money's worth.

    Not sure if available for iOS too.

  • Divergent

    Damn you, Simon! I'm hooked!

    This is the best I've managed so far...

  • EdenOne

    LOL Best I've got so far is 1271 (Mass)

    You find me there usually under the name GimmeYourBalls



  • Divergent

    Woohoo! Just broke my record! Improving rapidly =)

    I'm there as Divergent. Attack me & I'll bite!

    Btw, tried out the mobile app. Failed miserably at the touch screen controls. Deleted it for good!

  • EdenOne

    1834 and 3rd on the Leaderboard :P


  • Simon

    I've been up to ~8000 mass and #1 for a good stretch. Longest game was 90 minutes.

    A really good tip is to gain some allies and help each other. Help them out when they are struggling and they often help you out back. Protect a smaller player, keep trading food. If someone is after then bulk them up, use them to corner other prey. Pick a memorable name so if you do help someone out they may remember you.

    The best advice is not to split unless you are very confident it's safe (no one big close to you) and it's well worth the risk (making a substantial increase in mass). Don't split for small gains, just be patient.

    Also, if there is someone big after you then you can eject mass to speed up a bit and then eat it up again as you go. Or as a last resort split into lots of pieces ... you shrink down but get to live again.

    You can also fire viruses and break apart large cells ... eject mass (W) in the virus direction and after a few hits a Virus will shoot out, fragmenting anyone on the other side. Great if you are moderate size and there is a big cell after you. Of course if you're big, beware of the virus cells.

    Beware of going after people in two pieces where you are larger than one piece but not the whole - if they manage to re-merge before you consume one of them then they can turn and devour you. If someone big is after you and you think you're done for, start feeding someone else who may be become big enough to eat your attacker - they'll often save you and let you live.

    Be courteous, if someone helps you out then send some food their way.

    Mobile is unplayable compared to the mouse. Lookout for players who look like they are on mobile (you can tell by the movements or complete stops). They are just asking to be eaten.

    Spectator mode is good for learning tactics.

  • pseudoxristos

    Thank you for ruining the rest of my life!

  • Divergent

    Just emerged from an epic battle. Not bad for 18 minutes in the free for all (FFA) mode. Managed to get in the top 3! Reason for game ending: Took a risk & got screwed

    It was fun while it lasted!

  • talesin

    I made it to #2 position last nite, but it didn't last long. :P

    thanks for the tips, Simon. need help ahaha, not much of a gamer

  • EdenOne

    Ehehehehe how evil I am.

    As "TYRANT" I made it to the #1 for a long time. Survived 45 minutes. Reached 6760 mass. Stayed 41:40 on the leaderboard.

    Buaha aha ahahahaha!


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