New "most frustratingly addictive game ever" to play -

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  • Simon

    I had a great game the other day - got pretty big and had a little helper that I kept giving some food to, saved them when they were about to be eaten by giving them enough to eat their pursuer. Then later I ended up shrunk down and they did the same. We ended up in a corner with whoever was smallest "baiting" people to chase them for the big guy to move in and feast - great fun. Ended up transferring all y mass to them when I quit.

    I'm trying to perfect the art of firing viruses to bring down the giants. It lets you go on the offensive against a much bigger opponent or defend yourself when you are getting chased - if you are surrounded by lots of big cells then making one of them split will focus all the other attention on that one and let you go free.

    I have a sense that people remember more when you save them from a bigger cell vs when you help an already bigger cell catch someone.

  • talesin

    Eden, the Tyrant, hahaha! Good show.

    I'm getting the teams now.- coming after me, that is! Ack, I'm not much good at gaming but 'simple' is good. :P

  • EdenOne

    Hey, calling myself "Tyrant" seems like a fitting name when you're the biggest blob on the pond.


  • Simon

    I need to take a break. I was in Safeway yesterday and when someone else came near the deli counter my first reaction was "oh no, I'm going to be trapped in the corner!". I close my eyes in see circles (but I can play it in my head to fall asleep).

    Yes, I need a break.

    After one more go ...

  • Petraglyph

    Well that was entertaining ;)

    FFA, solo, no teaming.

    Here's a shot from in-game once it had occurred to me to take a screenshot in play...

  • FayeDunaway
    I hate that game, I hate getting devoured. For me it was too frustrating. Right now I'm addicted to Two Dots.

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