New "most frustratingly addictive game ever" to play -

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  • Simon

    One of my kids got me hooked on this. It's incredibly simple but also kind of fun and addictive.

    You start as a small cell and need to eat things to grow. That's pretty much the game.

    Of course as you get bigger you can eat smaller cells too ... and bigger ones can eat you.

    As you get bigger you get slower but you can "eject mass" to shrink and speed you up (w key). You can also split to devour a smaller cell and will eventually re-merge but in the meantime you are more vulnerable.

    You can eventually get super-massive and as you get larger the tactics of the game change. People form alliances (send some mass as a token to feed someone else) or become intent on hunting you down. The viruses (green starts) protect you when you are small but will fragment a larger cell into many tiny pieces (feeding frenzy!)

    Play in your browser or on a mobile. Way easier on a desktop with a mouse though.

  • leaving_quietly
    Hehe, yeah, it's fun to play. Too much clicking, though... messes with my wrist.
  • FadeToBlack
    Wow. I have been thinking about doing a game like this for along time, but for educational purposes. As usual, I missed the boat. Too much time thinking about doing something vs actually doing something.
  • Saintbertholdt

    Oh its a dog eat dog world... or in this case some circles.

    Good fun.

  • Diogenesister
    Look out for jahoover...thats me!!!!(ahem I mean my 10 yr olds of course)
  • LoveUniHateExams

    That looks a pretty good game.

    I tried to play a few games as a guest, using a computer at uni. The mouse isn't very responsive

  • TheWonderofYou
    Was now at level 4 - "Swoosh" is my name, but after swarming out I was eaten up instantly. Oh sh* Obama hunted me.
  • EdenOne


    i'm having some bronchitis, so sleeping is hard because of coughing, and I gave it a go to kill off time. Addictive indeed!


  • cognac
    Great, there goes the next year of my life....
  • PlatinumFix
    Not steeling your thread Simon - but for those who like RTS game I would recommend AOE2 :)

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