Can We Get To Know Each Other Now?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I've picked up a little bit about each of you since I've been here, but we're a reclusive little group, aren't we?

    Well, my picture won't be going up any time soon since I'm a complete Internet Idiot ( tm ) and I've registered again completely mucking up the works (sorry Simon), but I'll put out some personal information and hopefully others will too. Makes chatting more fun, don't you think?

    Perhaps time to start another? Whatcha say, Tex? Wanna be the man to do it?

    I'm so glad you noticed. How about a Get To Know You Thread? Everyone post a basic description of themselves, without revealing too much but at least we know who we're talking with. Hey, lookee here!

    Gawd, you're such a Southerner

    Yes I know waiting, and you're one of the people here I would really really like to meet. You're a sweetie and a delightful person.

    Okay, so who is Big Tex?

    I'm 6'2", 220 lbs dirty blonde hair and a reasonably fun, although a bit nerdy person to be around
    Married to the love of my life, with 2 kids ages 9 and 6 and two very stubborn basset hounds.
    I live in Dallas, so, HOWDY FOLKS!

    Howz that for a sequel, waiting? Who's next?

  • Billygoat

    This is great! I love threads like this! Okay...

    I'm 5' 2", 110 lbs with thick brown hair and brown eyes. I'm half Japanese, but don't look as Asian as I'd like. I'm outgoing and love to laugh and love meeting other people. I'm married to my best friend Neil, whom I met at church. Since we're newlyweds, we have no children. But we have four animals: two dogs, Henry and Mandy and two cats, Misty and Mugsy. I also live in Dallas. I love volleyball, writing, painting, reading books, and spending time with my little "family". To me LOVE is the ultimate gift we can give each other.

    Hmm. This sounds a bit like a singles ad. But I'm not single. I'm not a swinger either.

  • SheilaM

    My name really is Sheila M LOL I am 5'4 brunette with brown eyes and a belly laugh that would knock you over.

    I captured Thunder Rider with that laugh and we have been married almost 19 years as of April 13. We have two children a daughter 20 and a son that just turned 18 and a Grandbaby (daughters) that is almost 9 months. We have done the quick fade one day there the next day not.

    I am a writer/artist and currently a student working towards a Fine Arts Degree. I want to do everything I was discouraged not to do write, paint etc. I love to Garden/Read (Madonia/King/Koontz etc.)crochet and I love Discovery/TLC (especially birth shows) and I love anything regarding mystery or forensic and I usually can solve the case by first commercial.

    Madonia is Thunder Rider

    I am very reluctant to trust people since I have been screwed so many times, but I try. I do love to help people and I stand on my soap box at least five times a week.

    We love to ride our Harley, Thunder has just published a book "Thunder Rider's Burden" soon to be released (fantasy genre) we love animals we have three dogs Keeshound: Enterprise/Golden Retriever: Czar Niccoli (nic) Cairn Terrier: Moxie and three Main Coon Cats Jaguar/Wolverine and Whisper and an Iguana: Pugsley

  • blackout

    Hi Ill join in this but dont want to give away too much, suffice to say I'm female in my 30's light brown hair and green eyes, married, 2 kids, brought up in the 'troof'. Did the slow fade over 8 years, not been to a meeting for 4 years. Had recent contact from the elders and hoping our, 'We're right thanks mate' to their 'shepherding call' wont be followed up.


    Rayzorblade (RAY), 40 years of age. (background: Scottish/Irish/French/Mi'kmaq) 5'10" in height, 175 lbs. in weight, short buzzed brown hair (no guard on the clippers), green eyes, not clean shaven (I shave 1X a week), have 7 tattoos, average build (bit of tummy), not an overly hairy person, just enough. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I work in a tavern (bartender/waiter/DJ), overall outgoing friendly personality. Politically: moderate left. Kind to animals (love birds, domesticated or wild). I love to cycle (when the weather is better). I don't smoke, but I enjoy a drink now and again. I have four younger brothers, and two older half-brothers. I love seeing LIVE bands. I enjoy all types of food (I don't eat red meat, and have cut back on poultry). Don't watch TV. Enjoy the internet. Was a JW for 7 to 8 years. Been away from it for nearly 20.

  • LyinEyes

    I live in Louisiana, i am not a cajun, but still have the perks of the wonderful food up my way. I have been married since I was 17 to WildTurkey, just had our 18 th anniversary. We have 3 children , who are our very lives. The hubby and I go out dancing and playing pool once a week, we love to watch funny things on tv as a family, we love to do anything to make the kids have fun. Personally, I love to read, I love to doodle, I love music, all kinds, I love to cook. I love to watch TLC and Discovery, all the gorey stuff if interesting to me, medical things and the real detective stories. I love animals, 2 cats and 2 dogs. My goal in life is to raise my kids to be independant, educated and happy. I want to have a small farm, a pond big enough to fish in, a wonderful red barn, and all the animals I want. I want a wonderful big tree for my grandkids to climb in and have an old fashioned tire swing in it.

    I am half irish, half american indian/french but i love Mexican food. I have been called fiesty, firey, or if you are mad at me,,,,,,,,a true blue southern smart ass!!!!!!!

    I love people . Not just people I know, but everyone, I always see the good in people and sometimes I don't see their true intentions when they are up to no good, which has hurt , but I am still the same way.

  • CoonDawg

    Hi, I'm CoonDawg...and I'm a ....Oh, that's the other meeting place.

    Really, though, I am 6' tall 250lbs. (can you say big boy?) w/ a penchant for wearing bib overalls, and chewing tobacco.

    Am married to a wonderful woman who is a smart cookie, yet still a JW. I have a lovely daughter, 9 and a grandson (by way of my stepdaughter) who is almost 2. As you can see, I drive a truck for a livin' and yes, my CB handle on the door is "CoonDawg"

    me and daughter sharing a dance @ my stepdaughter's wedding.


  • nightwarrior

    brilliant idea but no names dum dum dum guess who LOL

    Well me (mrs nightwarrior) 5'4, blonde/grey hair (has it coloured now) mother of four kids, 25, 22, 14,15.I love a good laugh and have a mean sense of humour. Very welcoming, to anyone, other than JWs (learnt a good lesson on that one) Hate back stabbers, love my husband, he's one in a million (well I would say that), love my kids. sometimes I feel old, and sometimes the kids make me feel young.

    Got a two cats and a dog, and we live in London UK. give us a shout whenever you are passing...

    Oh and I love a really good belly laugh mind you a little sad, because I sit and read this forum and laugh myself silly somedays, and everyone in the house just looks at me....

    Mrs Nightwarrior

  • happyout

    I don't know if you're still checking this, but I'll respond anyway.

    I am a black woman (although if you feel better saying African American, knock yourself out, it doesn't matter to me). I am 5'4" and definitely chunky at 160 lbs. My eyes are my best feature, they are dark brown, with a slight slant, and they are usually bright with laughter. My hair is a problem area, right now I wear it back in a ponytail, but I may just cut it all off. I have one daughter in heaven, and one son at home. I am married, but not happily. I come from a rather large JW family, I am the only one out. I did the slow fade after 4 years of knowing I wanted to leave. My mom and siblings are still in and die hards, but we all get along great. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles, a nice home with a medium large backyard. My son and I love playing basketball on the weekends, and we sometimes play soccer. I love to read, mostly legal thrillers, and mostly female authors. I get along with mostly everyone, have a good sense of humor (leaning towards sarcasm), but I'm sort of a hermit at heart. I love this board, because it gives me a chance to talk to people who understand the weird dichotomy of my existence.

    Thanks for starting this thread, Big Tex.

  • praying_mantis

    Hmmm....might as well jump on the bandwagon. Im 29, will be 30 in April (dammit!) and have been married for a little over a year to the greatest man I have ever known. Hes 18 years older than me, so I inherited 3 stepkids and a step-grandson as well. :) Lets see....Im 5'7, 145lbs, green/grey/blue eyes, dark hair, and am a nursing student. Im originally from Canada and moved here to marry my honey.

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