Can We Get To Know Each Other Now?

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  • not interested
    not interested

    um not much to tell, not only am i not not interesting...

  • Soledad

    Hi! my handle is my middle name my picture is my birth flower (I think) and yes I am from New York City and I have a thick Brooklyn (or maybe a Bronx) accent, sarcasm and attitude sold separately.

    all in all, just anudder brick in da wall

  • waiting

    Well, ain't you the dog....Big Tex!

    Thanks for bringing a thread current to get us to *reveal* a little.

    I'm southern by marriage (South Carolina 22 yrs.). Born in Indiana "where the corn grows tall." ugh. Indpls. really - which used to be called in incredibly boring. Now pretty neat.

    I started studying with jw's at age 18 - when my boyfriend was having home study (he was rebellious jw teenager - thus dating a Catholic)

    I left the jw's with my husband quietly, now about 2.5 yrs ago. (after 30 long years) My children had left before me, so it was easier for us. My husband's jw family still talks to us.....though guardedly.

    My kids are 31, 27, & 25....all fabulous if I do say so myself.

    I have 3 dachshunds which make me smile .... when not making my yard look like a landmind field. Damnable diggers. Love to garden, read, collect antiques. Gawd, that sounds boring.

    Have a fine husband and an ol' cooncat, not to be confused even though they have about the same outlook on life.

    WELCOME TO Y'ALL! Nice to have sooooo much Good Company. Perhaps some of the Old Ones will check in here too?


  • wednesday

    I'm in late 40's , 5'5", irish/french descent, been married to Billy jack since i was xx. by the time we were 30 , had nothing in common. We had both changed so much. But we stayed together b/c of the "truth", and the kids, and with some hard work, we have fallen back in love. I am so happy.

    I have children,grandchildren. If anyone has a Barbie jeep or corvette they want to sell, pls let me know.

    I love the music of Meat loaf, and got to meet him not to long ago. I love to watch "talk" shows, and am interested in politics and whatever makes the world go round.

    .I worked professinallly for a number of years, but currently am not working.

    I have been inactive for some time. The other day , a brother made a SPECIAL effort to change lanes so to avoid being anywhere near me.i I have tried to pick up the bible or other material and read, but i get nauseous. My husband does not go to meetings either, but he still defends it, and tires of me complaining about it.

  • scootergirl

    Kewl thread.......thanx! I enjoyed reading everyone's posts!

    Who is scootergirl..........hmmm

    Soon to be 35 (March got that? let me repeat March 18! LOL) Married, 3 kids (12, 10 and 3) Full time domestic goddess who lives deep in the woods of Northern Minnesota.

    Love gardening, canning, reading, nature.....and riding my bike! Very laid back, great sense of humor (I am told anyway) and really enjoy the "simple things" in life.

  • oldcrowwoman

    Thanks Big Tex for putting this out. Being a Newbie this is a way of getting to know others. It's interesting in one's mind eye I picture people being something they are not. Not being able to put a name to a face. This all is a new experience chatting and all.

    I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am a single. Mother of two daughters 31 yrs old and 25 year old. A Grand mother of 4 boys and 1 girl. And one is in the oven(due date Feb 25th) My youngest.So its pretty exciting.

    My roots are Danish and Finnish(Saami). My children are part Native American- Lakota.

    I work for a Level 1Trauma Center in the ER. for 15 yrars. The first 13 years on the front lines as a Nursing Asst. Now I work as a Clerk. I did alot of my healing working in the ER. Very supportive staff. I've received many gift over the years.

    The things I enjoy being with my children and Grandchildren. Very precious moments. I have a 15 year old cat female Puddles. I think she was a watch dog in her past life. Very protective of me and our space. I enjoy camping. Portaging in the Boundary Waters. Canoeing.Fishing . Anything outdoors. Attuned to nature. Am a spiritual artist. Involved with a Women's drumming (spirituality) group. Movies, children's theatre. I like Amazon women. The list goes on.

    And I am grateful being here today.

    All the Best, Old Crow

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Well, ain't you the dog

    Aha! I ferreted you out. Well thanks for giving me the courage to start this thread up. It's a grand idea that we all get to know each other a little better. I know this has been done on another thread, and no one needs to feel obligated to do so here, but I thought I would add a little something. Cover your eyes:

  • wednesday

    Now that is a sweet face, a face u could trust.

    wish i could post a pic, but, well, they'd come and take my life away.

    I still can't believe one of the elders switched lanes the other day to avoid me, it was so obivious. petty people.

  • SpiceItUp

    26 year old frizzy haired quirky gal born in a southern state. Madly in love with the most wonderful man in the world. No kids but 1 cat - Grace. Secretary for School District in area.

  • Jesika

    Name Jesika

    age 27

    kids 1 son, age 9 his name is Jessie

    Where Dallas,TX

    job still looking for one/retired stripper

    hair red, but naturally a blonde

    eyes medium brown

    height 5ft

    weight 126lbs

    bra size not telling LOL

    I love to spend time with my son, shoot pool, drink beer, swimming, fishing,hanging out with friends, and have a wonderful man in my life.

    Hey Big TX, if you have a recent pic of me you can post it, I don't mind, and if you have one of my son, you can post that too since I can't.

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