Can We Get To Know Each Other Now?

by Big Tex 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • kls

    Let's see, i am 45 female married to a jw.Height 5 7" weight .to much. Have blond hair blue eye's( i am natural blond and they don't have more fun).4 grown kids, 5 grandkids.A lab and a Basset hound and always wanted a pet monkey.That's about the excitement of it. PS. except i am sneaking from my husband being on this board. SHHHHHH ... WELCOME ...... kls

  • SheilaM


    We have a lot in common Did you get my personal message?

  • ashitaka

    I'm 23, 6' 0 250 pounds, I have Hazel eyes and brown hair. I am known to be gregarious and irritating, but generous as well. I'm very much in love with my wife; she's my reason for living.

    I'm a book and comic book freak, and I love beer, although I've been told by my doc to lay off the sauce for a while. (Guinness)

    I visited Scotland and fell in love with the place.

    I got a cat named Beau, and my brother-in-law lives with us (another JW-orphaned child)

    My wife and I married on the fly, because of JW persecution from her parents.

    There's more, but then again, I'm not terribly interesting.


  • Valis

    OK Troll Boy I'll bite..

    Age:Soon to be 32

    Who: white boy w/dreads 6.5 ft 185? 190?

    Kids: Two blondies 5 and 4

    Pets: 2 hedgehogs, 1 cat

    Occupation: I teach computer science at a community college in Dallas, Texas.

    Other: I like drinking beer, fishing, camping, partaking in spiritual food, meeting new friends, travelling, riding my Honda Shadow, behaving badly, pinching, and other lecherous activities that cannot be revealed at this time...*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • pr_capone

    Name : Eric Granell

    Age : 22

    Kids : nope

    Pets : 1 cat - Felix

    Occupation : Security Consultant for ADT

    Who : Puertorican, 6'1, 240

    Other : I was born 65 years too late. I love anything that has to do with the 30's and 40's including but not limited to dancy, music, and clothing. BTW, love the beer as well.

  • SheilaM


    We use to have a hedge hog Guinness we miss him

  • Dawn

    I'm 37 female. Married (7 yrs now) - 2 kids (teenage boy and kindergarden girl). Let's see......height 5'7", weight 140. I have dark brown hair. Was DF'd twice - once when I was 19, and went back because I thought it was the only way, then again when I was about 24. Never went back - but did find the real TRUTH through the help of this board and other sources. I'm now a born again Christian - was baptised 2 years ago.

    Favorite past times - hubby and I like camping and water skiing, I LOVE gardening, swimming, biking, pretty much anything outside - I hate being indoors when there is sunshine outside. My son and I also love to snowski - he's really good at it - I suck by continue to try.

    Occupation - computer consultant.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Name : Jana

    Age : 23

    Kids : Not physically, but I have custody of my gorgeous nephew Spencer. He’ll be 6 in May. He’s perfect. And he’s a short, male, version of me. Guess that’s why I love him so much.

    Pets : none. But I want an ankle biter dog soon

    Occupation : During the day Technical Support for an engineering company. At night and on the weekends I do promoting for various local bands. Run street team promotions for bands like The Color Red, Alien Ant farm, and The Ataris. Quit my band a couple months ago, and now do guest shows with 2 local bands.

    Who : ½ Italian, ¼ Jewish, ¼ German, but basically white, female. 5’6 130 pounds (yep, I don’t mind saying so) black, Betty Paige style, hair. But ask next week, it could be a different color. Brown eyes. Wanna know my cup size too? J/k

    Other : My search for spiritual knowledge has at been soul wrenching. However, since leaving the JWs some 3 years ago, I have been free to weed through other beliefs and find what works for me. I’m very opinionated, yet still open minded. I have a great sense of humor. I’m also a very generous and caring person. I’ll give someone my last $10.00 to someone and go without food if they need it. However I’m also very skeptical and can be cynical. That’s something the JWs taught me that I still need to get over. In my spare time, what little bit there is, I’m working on improving my bass guitar skills, driving my Chevy truck, having barbeques, drinking beer, and buying Spencer whatever he wants. I need to quit smoking, even though I now only smoke a pack a week. Oh yeah, I like girls too.

    and even though it seems MY post was the longest, I'm not self-absorbed :)

  • MrMoe

    Cute thread...

    Too close to 30, short as heck, mommy to a 4 year old (almost 5) and owned by a cat. Pretty much sums it up.

  • jurs

    I always enjoy threads like this. I'm a 35 year old female. I'm 5'5" and am married with 2 daughters. I love antiques, traveling, animals ,skiing , snowmobiling and Stephen King books. I can't believe how much my life has changed since I left the org!!!!! I'm having such a good time! I started a new career as a hairstylist. At first I hated it because I was scared to death I'd turn someones hair purple (which I did by the way) but now I feel alot more confident and my buisness is doing quite well.. I love having my own money. I've always relied upon my husband financially and it feels wonderful to be contributing and not be dependant.


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