Summary of CO visit this week.

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  • eyeuse2badub

    One of the subjects that Abraham discussed during his 'family worship' night was;

    "How to cook you son on an open fire".

    It was a lively discussion that truly brought the family closer to jehober!

    just saying!


  • steve2

    Method: First, secure your son to the logs to reduce likelihood of escape. Second, slit his throat. Third, after blood has drained away on the earth, start fire. Fourth, man, you're cookin'. YHWH is well pleased.


    Abraham's Family Worship Night:

    Abe: Family, let's praise Jeehovahh by doing some practical rehearsals for challenges that we may face in these last days. Sound good??

    Sarah: Yes, my lord!!!

    Isaac: Yes, Father!!

    Abe: Excellent!! Ok, I'll pretend to be a foreign King that wants to get on you, ok sweetie? Isaac, you play the part of me. Make sure to lie to the King and say that Sarah is your sister, that way the King will be cursed by Jeehoober for something that I do! Let's call it.....mmmmm....Theocratic Warfare!!

    Sarah: Uhhhh....???

    Isaac: Yay, daddy!!!


  • lrkr
    They really have to use a child to say those things. Because an adult wouldn't make it through the sentance!
  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    We have CO visit tonight, new guy too, in spanish so it will be interesting to see what the talks are about
  • carla
    Is this basically what all the CO visits will be like coming up? Same topic? or do CO's have leeway in what their visit will consist of?
  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde

    Carla I think they will be the same topics because our CO in our district touched on the sa m e points as the original poster...

    1 thING I want to say what the CO said abt superior education, he said it's a personal de cosign but them quickly contradicted the statement with saying that the JW broadcast cautions us abt it, GB in other words, then it disturb me what he said next... "many go to a university waste 4 years in a university & end up working at McDonald's, don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong working at McDonald's but why didn't they start working there first , make all meetings & service & they wouldn't have wasted 4 yrs"... . .... oh yeah I didn't know wasting 4 years to obtain a degree is a waste of time....if working in a low paid job after obtaing a degree is a stepping stone to something greater in life I don't think it's a waste of time.... soo glad my child isn't old enough to understand this rubish....

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