Is everyone on this Web Board a Jehovah's Witness Basher?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    If you want to learn the truth about "the truth" then immediately go and pull up some old posts started by Farkel, AlanF and Maximus. There is more truth in any one of these posts by these three people, than in all of the Watchtowers ever printed.

    Just so you know, I started studying, on my own, when I was 9 and was baptized at 11. I was as passionate a JW as there is. I believe God doesn't build crap. If you're gut is telling you something, then listen to it.

    By the way, welcome to the forum!!!!

  • CoonDawg


    I too was raised as a 3rd generation JW. I admire you having a love w/ your boyfriend that is so strong that you would be willing to give up a way of life for him. I also will echo the thoughts of others. You won't find me picketing in front of assembly halls. For me, I have decided that "religion" is out. I am close to many that are very spiritual, some belonging to denominations, others simply with a personal spirituality. All these ones, I simply tell that if it helps make them feel complete...who am I to criticize one of the sources of their happiness.

    Welcome, and I hope that you will be at ease here more and in the future.


  • berylblue

    Not at all. I'm glad you're here. Of course you're a bit nervous; the fear of "apostates" has been drilled into you, as it was most of us. Feel free to email me; I am pretty harmless.


    [email protected]

  • Etude

    “Like I said I am not interested in uncovering the faults in the JW religion, I am just looking for an understanding heart.”

    Sandy, please bear with me and realize that I’m speaking with kindness. But, I’m really confused! From your statement above, are you saying that you don’t think or aren't willing to entertain the idea that there are any faults in the doctrines of the Watchtower Society or are you saying that even if there were, you’re not interested in finding them out? If the case is the latter, I doubt that anything anyone says here will help you. As you have seen there are some sympathetic people towards God and even some of the teachings of the Watchtower. But, they’re not blind to the serious problems that plague the Organization.

    I remember encountering a Catholic man while I was going from house to house during Field Service who firmly believed that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was always a virgin. When I showed him some Bible texts that indicated the contrary, he responded this way: “Well, that seems right, but I’m a Catholic and will always be a Catholic and that’s the way I’ll remain.” After we exchanged a few more words, it was clear that he’d rather remain “believing” (accepting) something that he was just shown to not be true than to change his way of life. There is nothing worse in my book than a blind man who doesn’t want to see.

    From what I gather in your message, you had it easy. You were raised in the “Truth” and just simply shied away from it. Apparently you didn’t have to face the opprobrium that “brothers” and “sisters” and even family members can cast upon you by shunning you and making you feel less than a human being. When it becomes personal, it means so much more. When you suffer, it makes you realize and appreciate what really counts. It makes you question what sort of Organization is one that seems at times to act the opposite of what Jesus commanded. None of this takes away from the fact that there are a lot of good people in the Organization. But, even people with the best of intentions can also do harm. Most of my family will not speak to me anymore and I happen to know that they are good people, although misguided.

    What makes a person reject another after a lifetime of family ties? What makes a seemingly moral individual turn his back on a child who is being sexually abused? If you are “not interested in uncovering the faults in the JW” Organization, if you’re not interested in knowing how those teachings encourage such behavior, you might do OK if you go back. I do hope that you don’t invest too much of your life in it, because sooner or later, you will receive a huge disappointment.

    For many of us, that experience has been emotionally and spiritually devastating. That’s why you see so much anger, which you may interpret as ”JW bashing”. You say you want an “understanding heart”. Does that mean someone to agree with the way you’re leaning? Or, do you want people who care and tell you the truth as they see it, so that you can make an informed choice? Well, we understand and that’s why we welcome you in spite of your ambivalence with open arms. Hang around a while. Kick your shoes off.


  • enjoy

    Not everyone... but most of us!!! I love the people, even most of the ones that no longer talk to me. They are misinformed, they are just doing what they "think" is right.. I also thought about returning a couple of times because I remembered the (GOOD) times. But if you will let the people here have a chance, and you have a open mind like you did whith the JW's, you will learn alot and see where alot of this bashing is coming from. IT is not all LIES... Don't think like a JW.. use your brain and reasoning and decide for yourself after you are informed...

    Welcome to the board.........

  • dmouse

    Hi Sandy.

    May I add my welcome to that of the others?

    I think an important distinction has been made about the difference between JWs and the WBTS. Personally, I think JWs in general are a great bunch of people (like many others) and I wouldn’t want to hurt them in any way (i.e. ‘bash’ them). I haven’t been hurt by any individual JW. However, I did wake up one day and realize that the JW religion is just that, another religion, with no more valid reason for claiming itself to be the ‘one and only truth’ than any other. They are wrong about so many things.

    The rabid, screaming apostates depicted in the society’s literature are very rare, and the society harp on about them to put us in a bad light. In reality you will find the majority of us willing to engage calmly in a reasonable discussion across a broad range of subjects. Most of the exJWs I know are far more knowledgeable about the religion than those still in!

    If you do decide to go back, then I wish you every happiness. But many, having tasted the freedom of being able to think for themselves and make their own decisions based upon a personal faith in God never want to put that straight-jacket back on again. As for myself, I no longer have any belief in a supernatural deity, but many who leave the JWs find themselves in a much deeper spiritual relationship with God than they could possibly have had as a JW, with it’s strong emphasis on being saved by works and intrusive micro-management of every facet of their life. Remember, the scripture did NOT say ‘where’ shall we go away to but ‘whom’ shall we go away to. Being a devout Christian does not necessarily entail being part of an organized religion.

    By all means read the posts on this site and ask questions, But also check out other Christian perspectives on the bible and JW beliefs

    Secular sites about cults and sects:

    Or non-Christian sites For example, this is a Muslim site about the beliefs of the JWs:

    Whatever you decide, I wish you peace.

  • SYN
    i must admit I am a little scared to continue on in this cite.

    That is possibly one of the saddest statements to come from the mouth of any human being, in my estimation. That sort of statement shows clearly just how powerful the grip of the Watchtower is on it's victims.

    Your question is very unfair. Do you bash Catholics?

    If you look carefully, you will realize their is a large separation, a powerful dichotomy, between the DOCTRINES and LAWS and REGULATIONS which we bash, and the Witnesses who are ruled by said doctrines.

    So no, we're not Jehovah's Witness bashers. Uniformly, we want to free Jehovah's Witnesses from their mental enslavement, and show them that you can LOVE without an Organization to tell you how to do it.

    That is all.

  • Been there
    Been there

    Welcome to the board Sandy.

    Please stay around awhile and don't let the boogy man scare you. There really are not demons around every corner. Yes there are some very very hurt people here, that does'nt make them demons. They come here to heal from their pain. They can vent here and have people who know what they are talking about. The only protestors here I think, are the ones trying to protect the kids from molesters. Somebody has to do it and my hat goes off to those who can. (I personally do not know of any people who have been molested in my little world) but that does'nt mean there are'nt any.

    You won't find me protesting anything. I was raised a JW. I was kicked out of the JW's because I was'nt perfect. My biggest gripe is how they take the spirit out of children, they expect them to be perfect little adults. They are children and have an over abundance of energy. They are constantly corrected at meetings for doing what kids do best. They don't let children learn in a fun, age appropreate manner. Did you really have fun in the KH as a kid? I was there. I can count on one hand the times growing up that we had anything like fun for kids. Yes, children should be taught to behave, no question about that, but how? Fear? Were you afraid as a child? I was terrified of God. I was terrified of Demons, I was terrified of Armageddon, I was terrified of being tortured, I was terrified of getting sick or hurt and not getting blood to save my life. How does a small child cope with these fears? There were some fun loving families, but I was'nt in one them, maybe you were? Yes, there were some families that thought of their children as kids and let them do things kids do (very few) but I was'nt in one them. I was in my family (my JW Grandmother) and that is what I learned. Believe it or not after reading posts on here, my life was moderate, compared to the strictness of some. I can hardly tell you how painful it was for me to stand out in the hall during Birthday parties at school, or standing out in the hall for a Valentines party, Halloween party, or Christmas party, knowing I would not have any little cards or cupcakes or bags of candy. I felt isolated, unexcepted, and unloved and I was suppose to wear this with a badge of honor? Did'nt work out that way. In my little mind I could not understand all the little cut and dry answers they told me to tell my little friends, and I surely could'nt feel good about it in my little childs heart and mind.

    Sorry, I did'nt mean for this to be so long. I just could'nt do that to my kid. After many years I have found a loving God. Everyone here has a story to tell. Some are very bad. Bashing is a way for them to heal and move on. If you are around long enough you can see many of them healing after venting a few times and getting a few doses of understanding, and support. We won't try to convert you. Ask your questions, we will answer. Don't be afraid to listen.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Welcome and enjoy your stay.

    Sandy, as a professional golf teacher, I'm going to suggest you follow your own words and that is, "I try to live my life as a GOOD MORAL PERSON'. You have a conscience, weigh all matters. Let the decision you make be yours, and yours alone.

    Guest 77

  • Eppie

    Dear Sandy

    You are exactly telling my story! I joined this site in 2001 but did not visit again for say a year cause I was afraid. I'm also a 3rd year generation, got baptised when i was 16 and have been active until i was about 19. I had a worldly boyfriend, got pregnant and got into trouble. I have never been df'd but faded now. Many people at this board are, and I can completely understand them as I have seen similar stories, frustrated and angry with their families for not talking to them etc. I however have not experienced that many problems and my parents know that i am faded but still love me and talk to me, so does my other family even though some of them are elders. I am too wondering about going back one day as I feel guilty for leaving: I did not leave on pure religious or organisational arguments: i just wanted to do what my friends did, just wanted to have fun, smoke-up have sex etc. Well now I do, and I lead a very happy life with many friends and a very caring and loving boyfriend. He however is very against religion and will never 'allow me' to go back. But still I indeed too think that I will someday go back as thus far I have found the JWs to have the most pure faith, only I am at this moment not strong enough to follow rules, and will probably never be. So even though I am faded and happy now I always feel guilty for being too weak to obey Gods rules.

    I hope my story helps, welcome at this board! Keep us updated on your situation!


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