What Are Your Goals For The Memorial Season?

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  • Dawn

    "Pardon me, but, when is Nisan 14 this year "

    Nissan 14th will fall on April 17th - but there's no guarantee that's when the memorial will be. Last year they held the memorial on a day that was actually Nissan 15th or 13th (can't remember which direction now but it was off a day). I questioned that when my mom invited me last year - never did get a good explanation except it had something to do with how their calculations of the calendar were more accurate than the Jews calculation of their OWN calendar so the jews were celebrating passover on the wrong day (bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) ..........seriously - that's the answer I got.

    As for what will I be doing? I celebrate the Lord's Supper by partaking just like he offered to all who would follow him. I say a prayer and thank him for all he's done - and enjoy the unleavened bread (I buy mine in a store) and some really good wine.

  • teenyuck

    My mom sent me an invite telling me it is on April 16

    Hello My Beautiful Dolls,

    Please don't get angry. I'm letting you know in case you may have remotely considered attending this beautiful occasion with your family.

    This is an open invitation to you both, your husbands and my grandson that the Memorial will be held on April 16, 2003, after sundown at your local congregation. If you choose to attend, you can call the local congregation of your choice for the time schedule.

    If you do choose to attend, you will benefit yourselves and make my heart glad.

    I hope you choose to go and see it. You will enjoy.

    Love you dearly,


    My goals? Stay away from any Kingdung Hole..Make sure I get more than one lousey sip of wine..Have a nice brick of old chedder for the crackers..Make sure the penguins don`t over power me and take my wine and cheese....LOL!...OUTLAW

  • ColdRedRain

    Toke up on some salivia before the government makes it illegal.

  • ScoobySnax

    I'll be there.

  • Carmel

    Well I plan on taking several fishing trips, write and submit two major funding grants, marry off my youngest daughter, attend here college graduation, finish the water feature in the back yard and have a lot of fun exploring the back country. Beyond that, me thinks I will take up sun bathing as a sideline, make a few things in the shop and travel around the NW looking for apostates. Hopefully, some unsuspecting zealous outed-one will host an apostafest and I will lolligag with the sinful.


  • Sargon

    Maybe I'll do something really bizarre and attend.


  • joannadandy

    1. Stop waking up in strange bathtubs
    2. Meditate on the coming of Barmagedon
    3. Get laid *high fives logan*
    4. Go to the memorial smoking a cigar in a micro-mini dress, sip the wine, choke on the holy Jeszit bread, and have porn and various sexual toys spill out of my meeting bag. And if there is time pinch an Elders butt.
  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    my brother and I ; were thinking of going. we are not jw's. and eat the bread and wine. then recite jn 6:53 when the jw's start barking.....john

  • Downunderandout

    Anything at not to do with the mermorial,

    Logan oh yeah!!!! get laid and laid and laid, then may be after that get laid.


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