Jst2laws, Joy2bfree and the Scarlet Letter

by jst2laws 29 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Please don't feel badly about lying in July. Sometimes you do what you have to do. What elders do is a sneak attack. It is cowardly and mean-spirited. I feel privileged and honored to be associating with you two. In my most humble opinion, if the God of the Bible views people like you both as evil apostates, then I want no part of him.



  • outnfree

    More! More! LOL

    I, too, at first regretted lying to the elders about having spent time on the internet. Later, I was comforted to think of it as theocratic war strategy. No sense giving the enemy ammunition, right?

    Water under the bridge, Steve.

    Pray, continue...

  • hamptonite21

    I have had the pleasure to meet you both at the March this september. I know that you are both great people. I would feel bad about lying, the borg does it all the time. Look forward to part II

  • Englishman

    Hey Jst2 and Joy!

    Now you're free, here's a pic you won't have seen:

    A great day, wasn't it?


  • jst2laws


    We both look like to Redneck Americans in a Steve Martin skit both looking intently and asking each other

    "What iiinnn the HaaaaeeeLLL iz zaaate???"

    Thanks to you and Trucker for the double toast at the pub the other night.


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    My My Steve...I never would have recognized you!....
    I think you were probably in your teens when I knew your Mom and Dad.

    Anyway..I'm glad you are free!..I am too in a way since Hubby passed away. Except his JW Mom keeps calling to see how I am..I have NO desire to talk with her at all.So for now I let the answering machine get it.
    She called my Daughter while I was staying there and she told my JW Mom in Law that I have been staying there helping her because she was sick.
    Maybe now she will leave me alone for a while.I just can't talk to her right now..Too much anger.

    The one thing I wanted to say was..I am amazed that the witnesses had the time to disfellowship you. We begged for them to come and visit hubby (JW) when he was dying and they just couldn't find the time!!!(2 visits in 6 months)
    They did however have plenty of time to work on the Assembly hall (Remodeling) aroud the corner..but couldn't stop by for a few minutes to say a prayer with him.

    He died thinking Jehovah was mad at him and that he wouldn't LET them come and see him.(Because he hadn't been active for a while)

    Loving religion....I don't think so....I pity the next one to come to MY door!...

    Best of luck to both of you..The world is full of good things for you!..

    Snoozy..aka...Golden Girl (Joy knows who I am!)

  • jst2laws

    Hello Golden Girl,

    I remember you, and a family I think called the Chapmans from that old congregation. I was too young at the time. We will have to exchange some old wrinkled pictures.


  • Kenneson

    Jst2laws and Joy2bfree,

    I admire your courageous stand. If more and more people come out publicly against pedophilia as you have done, the less and less the Watchtower Society will be able to deny it. By the way, we know who the real apostates are--and they aren't you.

  • MrMoe

    Jst2laws, I can't say that I know you very well, but Joy is one gem of a lady. In fact I was just thinking today she has got to be one the the most caring people I have ever met, internet or in real life. Sorry to you both for what you must be going through, you are in my thoughts.



  • Matty

    Hey, your photo here at last! I hope that I will be able to broadcast my mug likewise soon! Thanks for the update.


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