Jst2laws, Joy2bfree and the Scarlet Letter

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  • jst2laws

    The short version. (Sorry)

    Thursday was the night of the announcement. Though shunned since September 5, 2002 when we both went on local television to expose the WT Society's Pedophile Protection Policy, the official scarlet letter "A" was finally hung around our necks that evening.

    No, we are not adulterers as was Hester Prynne. We are much worse, much darker and frightening to our JW friends then an unrepentant adulterer.

    We are A postates. Yes, of all the allegations the final charge was the Big A to carry around our necks.


    It started in July of 2002. We made contact with a local person who we met on JWD. After several beers to bolster his confidence this friend knocked on our door. I will not reveal this person 's name because he has enough of his own problems but I assure you he is a good person and had no intention of causing any problems. He has since disassociated himself but only after his wife turned him into the elders. While we were never confronted by an accuser, it seems his wife had presented her elder body with evidence to connect us to our online names. Thus began the long investigation.


    I was confronted by two elders, two good ones, on my doorstep with a serious matter. They asked"

    Do you know a Jst2laws or a Joy2bfree?

    Do you know what JWD means?

    Have you ever heard of the "borg"?

    This is the embarrassing part. I LIED. I do regret not having a little warning so as to formulate a strategy. (Jody and Joel, I apologize to you) At the time it felt as natural as deflecting a blow when some one tries to strike you. Now I wish I had simply refused to answer and let them try to make their case.

    These men new little about what we were really doing. I had been talking to them about the molestation issue in the organization but was largely unable to convince them it was a problem. They were unaware that months before our first investigative meeting we had gone to the "candlelight vigil" in Paducah Kentucky and stood on the courthouse steps before reporters testifying about the Society's terrible neglect of molestation victims within the congregations.



    Jst2laws (with beard) is standing behind Alan F, in center. Joy2bfree is to my right behind Alan (momentarily hiding. This was a period of decision for us)

    This investigative committee was only concerned with our alleged online activity, unaware of our association with silentlambs. I did interviews for two other newspapers months before we publicly revealed our stand to the local media in September.

    This first meeting was in early July. They did not speak with Joy at all as she refuse to come out. (smarter then me) Since we were already taking a public stand on the issues from Kentucky to NY to south Florida and the hounds were on our tail for our indiscretions on the internet, we concluded we had little to loose by disclosing locally where we stood on the pedophile issue. So on Sept 6 we did an interview on the local NBC station. The next day I went to a local KH and did another interview for the newspaper.

    Hysteria hit the JW community. The interviews were on the Thursday night 6:00 news and that same evening the local boys were labeling us as apostates from the platform.

    To be continued Steve (jst2laws)

  • ballistic

    When I met you both in person, you told me something was going on and I never wanted to approach the subject on here for your own safety. I am ever so glad for the update, I hope you have coped as well as all seems in light of whats happened.

    Love to you both.

  • jst2laws

    Yes, Ballistic

    They caught us at home a short time before going to Europe. We had a great time meeting you folks there regardless of the anxiety we were suppressing. And yes we have adjusted to this. We have been cut off for about 6 months anyway, but we did not want our family relationships messed with.

    We have many JW sympathizers. In the long run it will probably bring more people out of the organization to DF us than if they would have left us alone.

    Good to hear from you.


    BTW, how did you find this? It does not show up in any forum on my computer. I found it by looking up myself in 'members'. I

  • xenawarrior

    Jst2- keep the story coming !!!

    In the long run it will probably bring more people out of the organization to DF us than if they would have left us alone.

    and for this you can be very proud!!!! I know you and Joy have been through a great deal with all of this and I'm sure it isn't over yet with your family etc. I am glad that you have some steps towards peace with all of this. My hat is off to you and Joy !!!


  • Farkel

    Steve and Joy,

    Hugs and best wishes to you both. It's been an incredible journey over the last few years, hasn't it?

    I'm glad you have done the necessary preparation to preserve your family despite the onslaught of Watchtower legalism and vindictiveness.

    You acted wisely, and you have many honest and sincere friends outside of that horrible religion. You may always consider me one of them, from the beginning of your path to freedom from bondage to religious repression until now and as long as we live.


  • Farkel

    Oh, my! I just made "Supreme One." Again! :D


  • Farkel

    Steve and Joy,

    The universal language in this world is music, and music is the language of love.

    For the both of you I present this Korean song which is called "Love in Winter."



  • jst2laws


    Thanks for your thoughts. We are much more at peace now.


    Who would imagine I was reluctant to respond to you when I first started posting. I thought you were a cross between Don Rickels and the Tasmanian Devil. Have I done all the changing? Or have you changed a little too?

    The music was great. We feel honored that you shared this piece on this thread.


  • Pistoff

    So let me get this straight:

    A person can be accused of child sexual abuse, and it is put off, put off and then swept under the rug.

    When two people in good conscience research and bring to light gross injustice, the elders are swift to act against them and slander them as a corrupting influence.

    This org that I am still unwillingly a part of makes me sick. And angry.

    HOW can we bring them down???

  • Mulan
    Have you ever heard of the "borg"?

    That was great. It must have been a real struggle to keep a straight face. I couldn't have done it. They would have seen my smirk.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

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