Jst2laws, Joy2bfree and the Scarlet Letter

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  • WildHorses
    We have many JW sympathizers. In the long run it will probably bring more people out of the organization to DF us than if they would have left us alone.

    I sure hope this is the case.

    Pistoff, unfortunately, the WT may never be brought down completely. The best we can hope for is that many see through the facade.

  • Farkel


    : I thought you were a cross between Don Rickels and the Tasmanian Devil. Have I done all the changing? Or have you changed a little too?

    Nope. I haven't changed. I'm still the jerk I always was!

    Must be you, then!


  • Farkel

    I cannot edit my posts with this new board yet, so I have cap it all off with this:

    And this is the same thing I've told you all along.

    You can never trust again those who betray you even once.

    You should consider trusting those who've never betrayed you ever, but even then, use caution.

    Be careful, but always be happy to consider (with wisdom and common sense governing) trusting those ex-dubs and other wonderful humans who come into your lives as worthy of your company.

    That's about all I want to say about that. It's still a crap shoot, but then again, life is a crap shoot, is it not?


  • LyinEyes

    This is very interesting and thanks for sharing all the details...... Wild Turkey and I have been listenign to testimonials of those who have d/a themselves after being accused of apostacy. I get angrier every time I hear the what happens in these judicial meetings. One exjw , secretly recorded his meeting and it was amazing to listen first hand the all too familiar way these meetings are handled.

    Look forward to the rest of the story..........Hugs ,Dede

  • Nordic

    To jst2laws, and joy2bfree

    Thanks for sharing yours story.

    Its great to come free of the Watchtower, but it is not easy to get free with ones mind, because of the mindcontrol they put you under. It was also the way they handle pedofile cases, that startet my wife and mine liberation from the Watchtower.

    I wish you both luck in the further.


  • blondie

    This is great, Jst2Lws and Joy2BFree. I can hardly wait to print this out for my husband.

    His point of departure was over the child abuse issue. He knows of coverups too. I have become more active in a local agency that deals with abuse and am being encouraged to be more public. I have to gather my wits and my information and consider what good can I do. You both have been so brave along with all the others.

    Yes, no one can be completely trusted, even spouses. I am glad that I was able to trust my husband. We have been able to leave together at the same time without any nagging conscience about betraying the organization. It is more important not to betraying the children and not having God blamed for the sins of humans.

    I am looking forward to the next installment.


  • FreeFallin

    ((((((((((((((Joy2bfree and Jst2laws)))))))))))))))))

    Yayyyy for you!!! More of your story, please.


  • patio34

    Hi Jst2laws, thanks for posting that and i'm looking forward to more. That's a good thing for all of us to remember when you said you wished you would refuse to answer. The inquisitors should be required to say: "You have the right to remain silent . . . "

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up publicly for your beliefs--Bravo!!


  • waiting

    (((((((((((steve & joy)))))))))))))))0

    "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God I'm free at last!"

    Local jw's who will admit it.......will also admit privately that it *might* be narrow minded to shun & take away one's family for being honest.

    The ones who think you're wrong are either so blinded or so stupid - nothing can be done. But as we used to say after leaving the door of someone who wouldn't listen to us...."Well, you never know. Perhaps next time he hears our message - something will have changed in his life, and he'll listen."

    AlanF wrote a long time that the typical jw won't investigate until something upsets his personal status quo. It has to matter to HIM.

    You can't save the world.....but y'all did save yourselves and your son. Not bad in my book!

    You did good, Steve. lol - I can visualize Joy just flat refusing: "I AIN'T gonna talk to those fools!"

    fellow apostate - waiting

    ps: If you click onto "Active topics" - all new threads come up.

  • Pathofthorns

    I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to have met you and your wife and family and that JW's have given up association with some really good people. I always have a respect and admiration for people that have paid a price to stand up for what they believe in.

    Sometimes I feel good to be called an "apostate" and other times I can't stand it. I just hope that in the next few years, more people will come to appreciate the truth of what we really were trying to do and the sort of persons we are.

    I hope everything continues to go well for you and your family. Thank u so much.


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