Yearbook 2016: Annual Report (15177 Partakers)

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  • Vidiot
    I often catch myself wondering if the recent increase in "anointed" is - in part - due to conscious-classers deliberately partaking just to f**k with the statistics... :smirk:
  • Phizzy
    jookie, look at Wifibandit's similar Thread, and you can click on the PDF. No need to go to JW.wotsit.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Now the push to build new kingdom halls makes perfect sense.

    They're going to need them to accommodate the ever increasing number of "partakers."

  • Vidiot

    @ breakfast of champions...

    And here I thought any push to build new KHs would be to flip them for a quick profit.

    Shows what I know.

  • Magnum

    I think they've reached the top of their hill; they've peaked out.

    Decrease in memorial attendance. Peak publishers and average publishers stagnant (levelled out). Number of baptisms down and total hours spent in field down.

    I think soon (maybe this year), we'll soon them leave the top of their hill and start going down the other side to never rise again. I believe their attriition rate will be higher than the number of incoming, if it's not already.

    What could change this trend? They're becoming less relevant, their doctrines and history are being exposed more and more, etc.

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    If there not fudging the numbers then they are still growing even in the U.S. Kinda bums me out.
  • neverendingjourney
    I think they've reached the top of their hill; they've peaked out.

    If they continue selling the same product, then I agree with you. Right now all their marketing gimmicks have simply been efforts to put lipstick on a pig, selling the same burrito but putting it in a shinier tin-foil wrapping.

    An ordinary company would recognize the need to make wholesale changes to the product, but there's a two-fold problem here. One, aversion to change runs deep in the religion's culture. They have the truth; why change it? Conformity is required throughout all of its ranks. Two, the men who lead the group spent their adult lives and made their way up through a system designed to select the most pliant and sycophantic among them. Anyone with even a minimal ability to re-imagine the religion's doctrine would have been culled from the ranks long before they ever became candidates for GB membership.

    In my mind that leaves two possibilities: they continue a slow, gradual fade into further irrelevance or a younger charismatic person (or a group of persons) grabs control of the religion and takes it in a different direction. The second possibility becomes more realistic the more the religion stagnates.

  • freddo

    They are fudging. They emphasize what gives the best "spin" for them.

    Peak to peak comparisons show a drop in western lands including USA/UK/OZ. What their percentages show is Average to Average. Last year's peaks compared with this year's shows a drop all over the west. But in the world statistics where they do show peak increase they get a paltry increase of 18,000 or so.

    Memorial attendance is down and has previously been stagnant for four or five years.

    The child abuse cases and the money grabbing is taking it's toll. Now add in the fall out from the RAC, the generation overlap, closing halls and booted out bethelites and for this year we have a further recipe for dropping figures.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    15,177 partakers. Holy wowsers. There's as many partakers now as there was in the early 1960's.
  • ttdtt
    Awesome stats!!!

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