First time caller, long time lurker

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  • Jesika

    Welcome to the board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gopher

    Gollum, thanks for paying us a call! Hopefully we'll hear your take on things more often in later posts.

    A connossieur of weirdness? LOL. But even you couldn't take the sheer volume of weirdness promulgated by the WTS!! It kind of wears you down after a while, doesn't it?

  • Gollum

    Aw, shucks everybody. Thanks for the welcome. ……..Hey, hold it, you’re love bombing me!!!!

    Not even going to try the fancy pants quote function, but here’s a shout back to a few of you.


    I have no illusions about some of the people in the org. I sort of always thought being in a hall was a lot like living in a small village. Everybody knows everybody else’s business, and it tends to amplify some strange behavior.

    And one of things that I always kept going all through my time in the borg were outside interests and friends. I have no idea how I got away with it for so long, but I always did.


    I actually can’t take the credit you give me. I lived with the cognitive dissonance for a lot longer than a person more committed to truth and honesty would have. It was simply easier for me, but it finally reached a point where I couldn’t live with myself anymore.

    BTW, always enjoy your posts, especially about the org. I swear I’m going to try and avoid getting into political discussions on this board, but if I do, I’ll enjoy sparring with you, since I sit much more on the spawn of satan side, and sort of have romantic fantasies about Hillary Clinton <grin>.


    Definitely the weirdness from the org was very wearing. You never knew what bee was going to get into their bonnet next, and since it really wasn’t based on either logic or scripture, you could never anticipate. it.

    What I enjoyed was the sort of localized, personal weirdness and obsessions of some of the people in the hall. Amusing as all get out.

  • Brummie

    Welcome Gollum

    Thanks for sharing part of your story


  • Inserter

    Welcome to the board Gollum. Love your name. I take it you are a Lord of The Rings fan?

  • Undecided

    Hi Gollum,

    Welcome. I like the way you express yourself. I hope you stay around for a while and add your personality to the forum.

    Ken P.

  • Gollum


    Well, I am a fan, though I actually screwed up the name. I was aiming for the Golum that according to Jewish legend was created in Prauge. However, not being all that bright, I typed in how I thought it was spelled, looked right, and went with it. After I realized my mistake, I was sort of stuck with it.

  • email

    Welcome to the board Gollum!

    actively trying to avoid da/df for family reasons.

    Completely understandable... I've been in the exact same situation...

    Keep posting!

  • jgnat

    aaah, my precioussss. Gollum is my favorite Rings character! A connoisseur of weirdness, huh? I am an incorrigible people watcher myself. I told my kids they could find out all about humanity by riding the bus.

    :But that’s true of any group, especially more fringe, isolated groups like the witnesses, and insurance agents.

    LOL. Priceless! Absolutely priceless!

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