I'm not so sure a bigger awakening is going to happen anymore

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  • done4good
    One thing JWs also do now is hedge their bets. The hedge by staying in. Otherwise, most intelligent JWs do get an education, do start careers, families, etc. They live their lives as normally, (and apathetically), as possible. They don't really believe, however they think they do. Unfortunately, this is almost just as bad for us, since if we actually make an honest stand, (and say we no longer believe), they will not respect that and treat us as their equal. I find this incredibly frustrating, even after 10 years out.
  • kaik

    I do not believe on sudden exodus at all. Anyone who were in the WT cult through 1970's-1990's would see the BS and walk away knowing that the theology, system of beliefs, and organization is nothing more than man-made invention. Yet, only individuals left. Other stayed behind. While WT is certainly in crisis, I see it as transformation phase to new level of BS to move from American business model of Knorr's era and vision of 1950's to something more global and less American. It is not the same religion I grew up and I left 20 years ago. As a group, JWs really do not care about flip-flopping doctrines, they just want to feel to be part of exclusive pact that would give them some assurance in survival of big "A" or after resurrection.

    While it is possible some groups will split, WT survived 1925, 1975, and gen of 1914 fiasco, and will survive all of us. It is a wishful thinking that WT will explode and cave by many who left WT, but this won't happen.

  • Vidiot

    @ done4good...

    Perceptive... "they don't really believe, however they think they do"...

    Explains a lot.

    It's almost like "knowing it's wrong, but believing it's true... at the same time".

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    I cannot leave because of super strong family involvement with the JWs, personal fears, etc. however, my 2 cents are in not recruiting anybody and preaching as little as possible, as well as encouraging and helping out the young to get as much education as possible.


  • Vidiot

    @ SofiaLose...

    Also, not donating?

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