I'm not so sure a bigger awakening is going to happen anymore

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  • bradford

    When I left in March officially I started reading the forums here. I had this excitement that more people would be leaving soon because of the crazy broadcasts, the crazy "new light" that the GB was dishing out, and more recently the Australian Royal Commission lighting up Geoffrey.

    This past Saturday I had an elder stop by to chat for the first time since I left. I don't know if he was here to talk to my wife who has been inactive and not been to a meeting since January or to talk to me but either way..I was outside doing yard work and he had no choice but to approach me.

    He wanted to let me know I could talk to him about any doubts or wanted to know if anyone did something to hurt my feelings and all that. I didn't want to get into a conversation about all the things I now know that he has no clue about but he pushed me and we had a decent civil conversation. He eventually left and maybe he will think about some of the things I said..maybe he won't but the whole thing kind of hit me hard.

    Maybe I haven't fully given up on all my past friends and relationships yet and I wanted to think that some will wake up, but I think I need to put that to rest in my mind or I will only be led to be disappointed.

    Anyone else feel the same or gone through something similar?

  • _Morpheus

    Welcome to the real world :)

    there will be no mass exodus. There will be no sudden reform. The org will plod along as many other religions do. The best we can do is help those we come across as best we can, as it aounds like you did.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I think there will be more leaving in the future than was typical of the past, but I agree that there will not be a single sudden exodus.

    On another note - I can definitely understand the feeling of a conversation like that hitting you afterwards, especially when it's someone you care about. I had a long talk with one of my (conditional) friends about my reasons for leaving only to be met with opposition at every turn. That has a way of making you feel misunderstood and lonely afterwards.

  • EndofMysteries
    There will be. The JW.org changed has FORCED many jw's to the internet (old timers, etc) also it's endorsed online witnessing. People will decide to search the internet for time and forums, etc, and they'll stumble upon TTATT when they do so. Won't have a repeat of Rutherfords time when 75% leave at once. Only thing that will eventually stop it from really falling apart would be if they do away w/ all the controversial and control issues.
  • bradford

    @OneEyedJoe - It almost felt like a dip back into the ministry and remembering how I used to be as well which is a scary thought.

    @_Morpheus - Maybe I didn't think it was going to be a sudden reform, but thought at least a few more eyes would be opened to the matrix than normal I guess.

  • TweetieBird
    I was so sure that the knowledge of the organization being in bed with the UN for 10 years would have moved many to wake up and smell the coffee but so many were unfazed by it so I don't think it's in the cards, but it's a nice dream.
  • freemindfade

    I agree with my Thor worshipping brother _Morpheus to some degree.

    Still I believe the religion has been far more solid in the past, I think even thought many are plodding along, its not the religion it was and I don't believe it ever will be again. Honestly I feel 2014 was the apex and one of the last disappointments (timewise) for the org. That coupled with the information age, I think there are many who do not take it as seriously. It did change, and if you are sensitive to their delivery of information, they know this is happening as well, they know people are leaving, and not because someone hurt their feelings, that is just what they have fed the RF because to say otherwise shows a different problem, that people are fed up with the lies and stupidity. I don't think we are going to wake up one day and everyone leaves, but i think the DNA of the cult is getting weaker, the doctrine is shallow and foolish, the scandals pile up. Witnesses are going to be in denial, that is for sure, but slowly i think more and more are going to give it less weight in their lives, even if they stay in for the long hall. No one is reaching out, people are leaving, physically and through fade, the criticism is mounting. information is more and more available, people are going to start and see more and more "normal" "spiritual" people step away, or fade, and this is going to wake others up. If they aren't going out because of being DF'd or in an outspoken "apostate" rage, things have changed. Its a very influential religion with a ton of people. Its not going to deflate over night, however things are changing in a butterfly effect kind of way, small tremors and systemic changes are eating away at its foundations.

  • bradford
    @freemindfade - Thank you for putting in writing how I'm trying to feel. It is realistic and hopeful at the same time.
  • LostGeneration

    There won't be a stampede to get out of the door.

    They offer everlasting life in a paradise earth with endless panda petting, we can't compete with that.

  • apostrate

    When I realized TTATT back in 1998 I felt about the same as bradford. If an average joe like me can see through the WT for what it really is, thanks much to the internet, then it's just a short matter of time until the WT is completely out of business.

    Over the next few years, when driving by a Kingdum Hall and noticing their parking lots filled to the max, I couldn't help but wonder, "What's the matter with them??? If I can see through this, why can't they???"

    I took me a little while longer to realize that many just do not care what their religion teaches, one way or another. They have found a social club that they feel comfortable with. It fits them like a well worn shirt.

    1914, 1925, 1975, 2014, it just doesn't matter. Whatever the preacher says is fine with them. Many people like not having to think, and to have someone else make their decisions for them is all the better.

    The only people who will end up leaving are those who individually stumble on to their own "Crisis of Conscience".

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