Advice You'd Give Your 12-Year-Old Self?

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  • Vivamus

    I wouldn't tell me anything. My past made me who I am and placed me where I am today. Change any one aspect and who knows what wonderful things I'd miss out on.

  • LyinEyes

    I would tell my 12 yr old self, that one day I would be out of that freakin' house , I would be happy and free someday. Even as a 12 year old, I told myself many things like this.......if that makes sense. I knew then , that my mother would probably end up dead one day. I had this burning desire to tell her that often and she only hated me for it,,,,,, but I would still have done all that I did and said all what I did. I can say that even before I was 12, I was trying to control destiny...or fate........ I fought so hard to keep my family together, I ended up just being an enabler.

    I even knew back then, that one day I would have my OWN family and they would bring me the love and comfort that I needed so much back then.

    But I guess I would tell 12 yr old self to just not hurt so bad, to have some fun, and not feel so guilty about everything, and just to hold on . And I would tell 12 yr old self to spend more time with those I loved so much back then, and to really , really cherish those moments.

  • Buster

    Buster, <* smack upside the head *> you think you are the center of the universe now, but:

    1. She lets you call her 'your girlfriend' now, but Cindy Columbo is gonna outgrow you and you'll never catch up

    2. Being in the top classes at school is good, but there are at least 3 other boys in your grade that shouldn't be stuck in a class that includes your remedial butt

    3. If you don't do your homework, those 3 Cs in the second marking period you're gonna get will cost you your place on the hockey team and you'll never find out how good you could be

    4. Please, please, please, ignore anything associated with Disco in the next few years.

  • Scully

    1. In a couple of years, when you're 15, you will realize that the "religion" of your parents is a cult. You will be right. Don't let them drag you back in with emotional blackmail.
    2. Don't wait until your wedding night, you'll regret it later.
    3. Just because you're a girl doesn't make you a lesser person, the same way having a penis doesn't make boys better than you.
    4. It's ok to be good at sports - even if they aren't girly ones like gymnastics and jazz ballet. You can kick ass on the soccer field and are a wicked basketball player (for a shorty).
    5. Learn as much as you can, as much as you want. Education and knowledge brings success.
    6. Pick and choose your morals and values. Some can be relaxed. It doesn't always pay to be "morally right" all the time.
    7. You are not fat; your mother is turning you into an anorexic mess. It will back-fire on you in your 30s.
    8. You really are pretty.
    9. You really are smart.
    10. You really are funny.
    11. You really are likeable and loveable.
    12. Go to college when you're young.
    13. Get a good job while you're young.
    14. Start your pension when you're young.
    15. You could make a $h!t-load of money starting a business called "The Fantasy Fone" (after you turn 18)
    16. Make sure you are well-established before you consider starting a family.
    17. Don't agree to get married before you've lived with someone for at least a year, and even after that, make it an extended engagement.
    18. Bail on lousy relationships where you are not valued and not being nurtured. If you are in a relationship like that, get out ASAP, and NEVER have kids with someone like that because it doesn't change anything, plus you've subjected an innocent child to your misery.
    19. RT really likes you. He should be your "first". You'll learn a lot together.

    Love, Scully

  • SYN

    1. You really are pretty.
    2. You really are smart.
    3. You really are funny.
    4. You really are likeable and loveable.

    So Scully...what're you doing on Wednesday night?

  • ashitaka

    There were these really hot chicks who wanted to get into my pants in high school, and of course, being a witness, I declined.


    I'd be one saucy monkey if I knew what I knew now.



    Read more.

    Do not despair. There are people who like you, no matter what.

    Convince myself that I was: handsome, smart and well mannered.

    The changes happening to your body, happen to every young boy/man. It is normal, do not fret about it (1974).

    Do not beat up on your younger brothers: they'll punch your lights out in a year or two.

    Do not think of your father as someone you would like to be.

    Remember what you wanted to be, when you grew up - and keep that hope fixed in your mind before someone in the family, again, discourages you, because they had a Grade 5 education.

    Eat better.


    Spend quality time with both my grandfathers, they have great stories and lessons to tell.

  • berylblue

    I'd tell myself that I was not worthless, that I deserved better than the abusive environment I was in (Catholic, not Witness), that I was worthy of love, to love myself first and foremost and not to look for love in boys


  • berylblue

    I'd tell myself that I was not worthless, that I deserved better than the abusive environment I was in (Catholic, not Witness), that I was worthy of love, to love myself first and foremost and not to look for love in boys


  • undercover

    Enjoy life. Don't deny yourself something that interests you because someone else tells you it's not acceptable. (unless it's illegal of course)

    Learn social skills and be socialable.

    Think for yourself. Don't let someone tell you how to believe. Believe something because you have convinced yourself it's right.

    Learn. Whatever interests you. History. Music. Math. Whatever. Knowledge is power.

    Go to college.

    Do not discriminate or belittle others. Even people of crazy religions. Accept people for what they are. If you don't like someone, fine, but do not hate them.

    Wear a condom(before becoming monogomous) But don't let sex become the be all end all of existence.

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