JW Elder quits & sends 900 emails

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  • snare&racket

    An elder in Quebec, has just quit as a JW. He did so by emailing nearly a thousand JW’s with the explanation for why he and his family are quitting.

    I have spoke to him quite a bit, interesting guy. He’s quite the loss to WT, he’s an elder with a serious career in Chemistry, a professor no less.

    Catch his story here, apologies if this has already been posted;



  • _Morpheus

    Wow amazing! Good for him.

  • minimus

    I like the idea that he wasn’t afraid to tell everyone his point of view. Kudos

  • eyeuse2badub

    I don't condemn him for his approach, but I do think that sending out 900 emails supports the "crazy, insane , evil, wicked, paranoid apostate" stereotype that the "crazy, insane, evil, wicked, paranoid governing body" refers to when trying to convince the sheeple that leaving the borg causes one to lose their mind!

    My approach for a well known and/or a high visible elder would be to leave quietly and live a happy, normal, and productive life!

    To each his own.

    just saying!

  • pepperheart

    I think that people would think he was a bad person anyway,just for leaving the watchtower.

    And im sure that it will have helped him to think he might have done a bit of damage

  • steve2

    Each person who leaves does it in a way that is most "true" for them. He sent out 900 emails - he didn't crash a kingdom hall or angrily confront JWs on carts. If JWs read into his mass email distribution that he's a "crazy, insane, evil, wicked, paranoid apostate" then that is not the newly ex-elders doing. Sometimes in life no matter what we do, we risk disapproval - but that should not be reason enough to refrain from doing it.

  • waton

    Was there not a previous thread on this, with elaborations on the wt inconsistencies he just barely touched?.

    welcome back S&R,

  • carla

    Isn't warning others the jw way? Isn't that precisely why they go door to door? to warn us all of the impending end and to quick join them so we may, just maybe, if we try hard enough, survive the Big A.

    How is what he did, or any ex jw for that matter, different than what jw's do? they both feel they are warning others.

    He hasn't told others that if they don't believe exactly as he does they will be destroyed and will deserve it for defying him. Unlike the wt.

  • steve2

    Exactly Carla! Well said.

  • blownaway

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