Kingdom Hall Alarm codes.

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    Just back from renovating my holiday home in the South west of France. beats Yorkshire anyday...

    Anyway thought I would share this little account with you.

    As most are of you are aware, the alarm code for about 90% of kingdom halls is 1914 (nineteen fourteen).

    I t seems though that for the last 8 or 9 quick builds or refurbs in the UK, the brother who installed the numbers into the alarm control panel used the numbers 1975 and explained the number as one nine seven five not the the easier version (ninteen seventy five).

    Trivial joke or honest mistake, either way this poor brother has been rumbled and has to to meet with 2 elders investigating on behalf of a body of elders to see whether an apostasy charge will be brought.

    He is supposed to be meeting with them over the next few days.

    A very sad Jem, who is sick of the whole Elder abuse game.

  • Gopher


    You've got to be kidding!!! A brother gets in trouble for using the number 1-9-7-5?? That is stupid beyond belief.

    Now, if he had used 0-6-6-6, maybe that'd be a problem.

    BTW, the code for the hall on the east side of the capital city of Minnesota was 1-2-3-4 when I left there 4 years ago. I guess that hall is trying to forget 1-9-1-4.

  • NameWithheld

    Two of the halls I went to had the 1914 code. Gladly for JWs NOBODY wants to break into a KH, since they might as well leave them unlocked - any person loosely associated w/ JWs will 'get' the alarm code.

  • email

    Now THAT is funny... and sad at the same time...

    So I guess that means that if anyone wanted to break in to a KH they just need to memorize all the failed dates and for sure they'll get the right code... ... no... wait... that'll be too much!!... wait... that's almost IMPOSSIBLE!!! lol...

  • Brandy5


    1914 as a code lol did't they change the genaration thing a few years back? Strange that they did't chane the codes. That poor brother getting into trouble for using 1975.

    Is this really true?????????

    They are sure paraniod about apostates. Unreal


  • Oldhippie

    I've often wondered if 1914 was a common code.

    Just a side note...aren't the Catholic Churches left open 24/7 allowing people to come in a pray whenever the need hits them?

  • wheelwithinwheel

    Ours was 2414 - In fact I believe our whole circuit used that code. It goes without saying that our C.O. and elders were the whipping you to get out in service, quit your job and pioneer kind.

  • RunningMan

    Ours was 1935.

    I get the impression that a burgler who is armed with a few key dates could get easy access to just about any hall. Why they would want to get in is another question altogether.

  • xjw_b12

    Outaservice mentioned something about this re Home Security Systems

    When we built our new KH here, I was given the " privilage " of looking after the security system.

    I programmed the on/off code as 1975.

    They made me change it ! But I didn't get in any trouble...but I'm no longer welcome there, so.......Hmmmmm !

  • minimus

    JEM, nice to hear from you again! Methinks, you'z jokin'. This story sounds so preposterous that certain ones might start doubting your identity and integrity, a g a i n.....

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