Guardian interview with Apostasy director

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  • eyeuse2badub
    @scotsman - I can tell you that it left me feeling "heavy". It wasn't even specific, just heavy. The lack of joy in the cult shines through and it took me a day or two to kind of process it all internally. It's just bleak, a good and true representation of the cult.

    Amen brother. Anytime we 'step away' from something that has had such a powerful influence in our life, basically our entire way of life, it's gonna hurt and leave us on empty. Filling our lives back up with meaningful endeavors takes time but the journey is so well worth it! Living life!

    just saying!

  • Simon
    And there's an example of the nitpicking that he mentioned. Out of that entire article what does someone walk away with but one tiny point that they take issue with.

    It's not just exJWs, it's the world now. If you watch Ricky Gervais Humanity show on Netflix, he talks about the same thing - your standing up against the most inhuman things imaginable and all people can do it pick up on something irrelevant ("is there need for that language?") or suggest it's unimportant compared to some other cause as though you can't do both ("yeah, but what about starving children?")

    There's a difference between constructive criticism to sharpen things and just being picky about something someone else has done.

  • dubstepped

    @Simon - Yes, it's definitely something present in the world at large, particularly among highly charged subjects like religion, politics, sports, etc. I do feel (certainly have done no peer reviewed studies) that it might be worse with people like us that were in a cult that was so specific about verbiage and appearance. Most messages were crafted for specific reasons and we had to be certain not to give cause for stumbling. If nothing else, I feel like we're a bit more hyper-vigilant than most.

    It is so annoying how you can speak on a subject and people focus on the 1% that is inaccurate as though it somehow destroys the 99%. I'm on some ex-JW Facebook groups and you'll see these brainwashed people that were never fully JWs come on and try to paint the cult with their apologist perspective as someone that never fully experienced it. It's crazy making.

  • John Free
    John Free

    I’m off to see it on Thursday in Bristol, England. There is a q and a after the show with the producer. Initially, I wasn’t interested simply because I wanna try and forget about the cult but there is SO much interest in the xdub community locally that I decided to go along with a group.

  • sparrowdown

    I find the constant pedantic nit-picking frustrating as well. It's a sign of either a lack of ability or an unwillingness because of bias, to think and sort through concepts and ideas on their own merit and just put aside the ones we don't agree with into either a pending or a discard file in order to grasp the big picture of what is being said.

    In the real world no one person, book, movie, video, course etc has all the answers to everything at all times so if you go around dismissing every person or book or movie because their was an error or you didn't like the colour of his jumper or the way he said it your mind will stay permanently closed!

    It is possible to get the gist of what someone is saying in its entirety or to understand the message without accepting all of it or the messenger. If we can learn this there isn't anything or anyone we can't learn something from.

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