The Man With a Secretary's Inkhorn - who he, and does he wear flip-flops?

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  • rory-ks

    At the AGM this year Geoffrey Jackson identified the "man with a secretary's inkhorn," of Ezekiel chapter 9 as being Jesus Christ. This was declared an "adjustment" from the previous understanding that the organisation used to believe that this "man" was "the annointed."

    Has the Society always taught that the "man with the secretary's inkhorn" was someone other than Jesus - or is this a situation where back in the mists of time the bible students understood him to be Jesus, and then Rutherford (or someone) identified him as "the annointed," and now they have reverted back to their initial belief?

    Is this another instance of flip-floppery?

  • Divergent

    What's the big deal about this horny man?

    Any scriptural evidence to support this "new light"?

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I never was a JW.

    I watched Jackson's testimony before the ARC.

    He is a liar, a prevaricator, and has no credibility whatsoever.

  • 88JM
    I seem to recall it was Russell himself at one point, but was later the anointed. I'm sure someone with better research skills would be able to verify.
  • stuckinarut2
    Well that "person" gets to determine whether someone lives or it better not be anyone other than Jesus....
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    My favorite is the very first reference; how could J.W.'s not see the blatant double-speak from their hierarchy?

    Yes, serpents do have forked tongues!

    w88 9/15 p. 14 par. 18 Listen—Jehovah’s Watchman Speaks! - "The antitypical ‘man in linen’ is the class of anointed Christians. They go from house to house to put a symbolic mark on those who become part of the "great crowd" of Christ’s "other sheep." The "mark" is the evidence that such sheep are dedicated, baptized individuals with a Christlike personality. Their "mark" will make it plain to God’s executional forces that they should be spared during the "great tribulation." They can retain that "mark" by sharing with the anointed ones in marking yet others. So, if you have been ‘marked,’ share zealously in the ‘marking’ work." (major contradiction!!!)

    w83 12/15 p. 17 par. 6 Speak the Word of God Fearlessly in the Nuclear Age - "Today there is only a small remnant of the members of the "royal priesthood" yet in the flesh on earth, according to the world report from the celebration of the Lord’s Evening Meal on March 29, 1983. These serve together as the figurative linen-clad man, who does the marking of worthy ones in their foreheads."

    w79 7/15 p. 20 What Others Have Said About House-to-House Witnessing - "Throughout the realm of Christendom, this marking work is being accomplished by Jehovah’s Witnesses under the leadership of the class pictured by the "man.. clothed with linen"

    w72 1/15 pp. 47-48 par. 26 Has the King’s Secretary Called on You Recently? "Not just the name, but the work carried out by them since then proves that this anointed remnant of Christian witnesses of the Most High God are unmistakably the twentieth-century fulfillment of the man "clothed with linen, with a secretary’s inkhorn." So this is the modern "King’s secretary." Has he called on you recently?"

    kj chap. 9 pp. 172-173 pars. 25-26 Marking Foreheads of Those to Be Spared - "It was on the afternoon of July 30, 1931, that the above book was released, after the delivery of a talk on "Man with the Writer’s Inkhorn"...............Just the preceding Sunday afternoon, July 26, this international gathering had adopted unanimously the Resolution by which they embraced the Scriptural name for themselves of "Jehovah’s Witnesses"........Thus these dedicated, anointed followers of Jesus recognized themselves as the Christian witnesses of Jehovah.........They were highly elated at the prospect of engaging in the work of marking the foreheads of those who were to be spared on the day when Jehovah executes his judicial decision against....Christendom. By doing so they, as an anointed class, were fulfilling the role of the envisioned man with the inkhorn."

    w52 11/15 p. 678 Marking Those Who Sigh and Cry - "In times past it was thought that the man in linen with the writer’s inkhorn by his side pictured a certain individual in modern times. (Russell!) Such would be attaching too much importance to a man and would savor of creature worship. Rather, all the facts indicate that this man in linen with a writer’s inkhorn by his side pictures or represents the body of faithful anointed Christians working as a unit for the accomplishment of Jehovah’s purposes in the earth, and who are working together under divine direction as the "faithful and discreet slave".

    No wonder the Org will eliminate the WT CD ROM - what a treasure trove of evidence against the Org!

  • eyeuse2badub

    Yep, decades of repeatedly pounding into our heads who "the man with the secretary's inkhorn" is. In just and instant we should erase decades of indoctrination and "adjust" our view! No problem!

    just saying!


  • Splash
    Where does G. Jackson say this?
    I don't see it on the AGM?
  • Splash

    In addition to this false teaching change, considering the public WT printing has been cut in half yet again, this quote from one older WT is a bit of a double whammy for them.

    *** w04 11/15 p. 20 par. 24 Jehovah’s Judgment Will Come Against the Wicked ***
    Jehovah is blessing us with overflowing spiritual prosperity! We enjoy a way of worship that is free of the lies and distortions that have resulted from Christendom’s false teachings. Jehovah has also blessed us with spiritual food in abundance.

    So not free from lies and distortions, and the abundance is turning into rationing!
  • Magnum

    The Searcher, this one's really good:

    "the work carried out by them since then proves that this anointed remnant of Christian witnesses of the Most High God are unmistakably the twentieth-century fulfillment of the man "clothed with linen, with a secretary’s inkhorn." -w72 1/15

    UNMISTAKABLY, the man with the secretary's inkhorn was the anointed remnant. So, how can the man now be Jesus Christ?

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