The Man With a Secretary's Inkhorn - who he, and does he wear flip-flops?

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Wouldn't "the man with the secretary's inkhorn" be... I dunno... THE SECRETARY !?!?!?!?!

    Evidently, the secretary that does the marking is the composite Congregation Secretary Class. An elder in each congregation uses his "inkhorn" to fill out paperwork including Congregation Publishers Record Cards, letters of recommendation, forms for disfellowshipping, etc. Although this work is often kept secret, as if it is something invisible, the paperwork generated means life and death for a publisher and his prospect of eternal panda-petting paradise.

    Whew! I think that nulite is better than anything Botchtower Corp could come up with.

  • TD

    Has the Society always taught that the "man with the secretary's inkhorn" was someone other than Jesus..

    That was one of more than a dozen interpretations that sprang up after 1935.

    Prior to the alleged identification of the "great crowd" JW's believed that lot's and lots of "nice" people would likely survive the approaching judgement. (i.e. Millions Now Living Will Never Die)

    After the identification of the "great crowd" their view became exclusive. You were either one of the "great crowd" or one of the "anointed" or you were toast.

    That exclusivism was supported with a bunch of goofy prophetic parallels. "The man with the writer's ink horn" marking the "great crowd" on the forehead for survival was one. The "ark of salvation" and the antitypical "cities of refuge" were others.

    Since even a twenty something in 1935 would be over one hundred today, all of that is obviously falling apart and has to be changed.

  • Quarterback
    The secretary, or the man in Linen doesn't scare me. It's those smashers guys. This sounds like a good video game
  • Listener
    This is another instance where the anointed have been demoted. The GB have taken away their inkhorns.

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