Is it normal to "obsess" with this site?

by kat_newmas 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • pr_capone

    I have 520+ posts in about a month in a half if that tells you anything.

    Its fine to obsess.... I am on here EVER single day. There are some really good people here that I have come to care about.


  • JH
    There are some really good people here that I have come to care about.

    Thank you pr_capone.
  • xenawarrior

    Shhhhhhhhh, I don't think that was OUTLAW who was responding here. I think his penguins have declared a mutiny and have taken over his computer !!!

  • jgnat

    What is normal? We have all been affected by an abnormal organization in one way or another. It is normal to feel a tremendous amount of release to have somewhere to talk about our common experience. Were you ever free to share your deepest thoughts, worries, concerns at the hall? Did they care to know your personal story? I know I spend a lot of time here. But I don't want to give it up just yet. I am having too much fun.

    Besides, as long as the WTS is capable of hurting me or my loved ones, I will continue to be as informed and prepared as I can be. Being the kind of person I am, though, to keep my long-term interest, I need to know that my contribution is making a difference.

    Did TR say it? Yeah, I think I will calm down after a thousand posts or so...

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Dear kat_newmas,

    No, it is anything but normal to get obsessed with this site. Personally, I do not know of any poster here who is compelled to, every day, log

    on, check "friends", then "active", then "friends" then "active" then...You have a serious problem...Seek therapy immediately! If you do not, you

    will enter the "SECOND STAGE". What is that? I hear you wonder. Well that is when you actually begin to delude yourself into believing that

    your "obsession" doesn't actually exist; a complete denial of the "THIRD STAGE": "insanity". Which doesn't exist anyway, so they tell me.

    Little voices: they are my friends. Do you have little voices? I have.



    Hey Xena,hillarious pic,I like it,LOL!Thats the little begger that starts all the trouble.Renegade penguins get the others going,pretty soon you`ve got a beer wamer mutiny on your hands.Outlaw,sleeping with one eye open and a board strapped across his butt..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • nightwarrior


    This is a brilliant site, and we have really been able to vent our feelings on here..

    Even when something happens, especially with the JWs or family, you feel you want to relay it to your friends on here, because you get such enthusiatic and loving and honest replies..ITS GREAT ( and I don't care if I used caps LOL)

    All good news and unhappy news you feel you want to share it.. Just like a family that cares..27/7. morning noon and night

    Mr and Mrs Nightwarrior

  • acsot

    Oh yes, I have to check this site every chance I get! It's been so therapeutic, finding out that so many others have felt exactly as I have, been through the same kinds of stuff at the hall, found the lack of love, nit-picking, judgmental attitude of many JWs - in short, to find out I'm normal in having had doughts and guilty feelings and never quite being able to fit in - oh I love this place!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Obssess? Oh yeah. It's driven me crazy I haven't been able to post much the past few days. Now when I get back to work, I'll have all the time in the world.

  • SheilaM

    Yes! I joined in December and as you see by my stats I am a post-a-holic, but this place makes me feel welcomed and there are so many things we all have in common. Also you get everything from hard core reading to fluff . HELP I NEED A STEP PROGRAM!!!!!

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