Is it normal to "obsess" with this site?

by kat_newmas 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DanTheMan

    Yeah, I spend a lot of time here. On the weekends especially.

  • kat_newmas

    Thank You all for a very relieving bunch of posts..... now I know. Someone said for me to tell you about myself.... my jw history is basically explained in the thread titled "faking it to keep my family" back on the 16th or the 17th of this month.

    Other than that I am an a Mural Artist, 33 year old Male, Married to a lovely British Woman (who was raised Church of England, and was blessed to never actually meet a JW) with one son, I play the Glass Flute (search: Hall Crystal Flutes to see one and hear a sample), I also play the piano, and run my own art company Kat Newmas Productions. Kat is a pen-name, my first name is really Timmy, but that doesnt sell my work. I specialize in Nudes (male and female) because pictures of mountains and flowers and pussy cats are so cliche, but for the right price I'll paint the pope milking a purple cow if that is what you need. The pic next to my name is me nude... it was a photo shoot in the woods for a promotional art campaign, entitled "Kat Newmas: In His Natural Environment". I love cats, and have chosen to follow all their examples regaurding life... avoid the humans, until you absolutely have to go near them.

    I love to meet and correspond with new people. Always open to friends of any race or religion. . . And I cannot express enough gratitude to the creator of this site, and all the people who participate in it.

  • ballistic

    Sometimes I have to get off for a few days. It's very comfortable sitting here posting, but as long as that's not all your life consists of, I guess it's a very interactive and creative alternative to watching TV. In addition to that, this subject matter (ex-jw) in particular was very helpful to me (and I guess other users aswell) over and above that of other on-line communities. I think we are saving lives here.

  • patio34

    I LOVE this place! Think of it as a coffee shop where you come to discuss many things, but especially the freedom to say what you think about the WT! <--------- all of us

    It's not an obssession, it's a wonderful place where we meet many people with similar backgrounds. We're veterans!


  • kwijibo

    I get on and check for new posts in the morning while eating breakfast and end up getting to work late.........


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