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  • TR

    Zora is [h1]HOT![/h1] She was my choice.


  • Mary

    In case anyone is wondering what Sarah "did" with Joe-baby in the woods and didn't pick up on it when she was trying to whisper to Melissa, she tells the girl that she uh, performed a sex act on him that involved her mouth..........given her personality, it's a good thing he suckered this outta her (no pun intended) before he sent her a-packin'.........LOL!!!

  • Mulan

    She kind of demonstrated on a rolled up sock on last night's show. That surprised me. Didn't she know she was on camera. On Regis and Kelly this morning, Kelly said "Sarah blew it". I was in the other room, but ran back in to see if she was embarrassed by what she had said.

  • Phil

    Would someone please tell me what Joe Millionaire is doing of this forum? Isn't anyone policing this forum?

  • LB

    So poor Sarah goes out into the bush with this hack and gives him what all guys want and all she ends up with is an embarressing soundtrack of her gulping down Joe's essence.

    Yeah I figured they'd win a million. Still, who really cares. The guy is as shallow as the gene pool in the town I live in and they have no future together.

    Survivor, that's the show.

  • Hmmm

    I don't see where all this "Evan was a nincompoop" stuff is coming from. What did he do that was so dumb, besides have an admitted ignoranc. about wines and other high-fallutin hoity-toity stuff? We do realize, don't we, that these people were edited by FOX to make a good story?

    The whole premise of the show is that Joe was an average.... uh, Joe. You don't think they edited things to make him look simple? You don't think they edited to make Zora look sweet and wholesome? You don't think they edited to make Sara look like a tramp? You dont think they edited to make that other chick (the one who was evidently mangling the French language) look like a b*tch?

    Granted, the producers had to be given the material to work with in the first place, but FOX (the people who are bringing you Married by America, in which couples agree to marry people that they've never met!) made every person a charicature. I'm sure Sarah had her sweet moments, Zora had her bitchy moments, and Evan his clever moments, but you won't see them because we don't want to see complex personalities. We'd rather see the shallow stereotypes, so we can sum it up: The dunce had to choose between the tramp and the good girl. And FOX is just the network to give it to us.

    That having been said, I was glad to see Zora chosen, because I knew there would be some kind of payday for both of them (though I thought it would be $1M each) and she really did seem like a deserving woman (volunteering at a hospice, etc...)

  • teenyuck

    Hmmmm, that was pretty well said

  • Hmmm


    Pretty well said? Only pretty well said? You trying to start a flame war?

    Seriously, in the women's defense; I think I recall that they were told they were going to be on a show called The Big Choice. I'm sure they could safely assume that the bachelor in question would be reasonably successful, but they were not told before they got to France that he had $50M. So maybe they weren't gold diggers... maybe only gold scoopers.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I can't believe how little it takes to entertain people these days. I have not once looked at any of these reality type shows as I feel they are a completed waste of time. Most contestants are shallow minded, air heads that I could care less about. I agree with the poster it is all presented as a fairytale and give it a couple of months any relationship is domed to fail.


  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    I could not agree with you more!!!

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