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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Gee for me to do that I would have to lower my IQ to that of a french fry.


  • freedom96

    Evan didn't even know what the whole show was going to be about until he signed the contract. I do not believe that he knew about the check at the end.

    It seemed to be one of the only true reactions of the whole show.

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I didn't even watch the show. Programs like these disgust me! I would never go for a guy just because he was loaded. He would definintely have to be responsible and be making a decent living, but not a millionaire. Of course being well established in society would play an important part in my getting envolved with a man, but I would not look at the monetary value. I wouldn't make it a priority.

    A man is worth much more for the person that he is in his heart, and not what he has in the bank. How sad that there are women that would do anything just to get a man in their life with some money tied to his name.

  • teenyuck

    He picked Zora. They were then presented a check for 1 mil for the two of them to share.

    When he told Sarah she was not chosen, she grimaced/ was priceless. Her expression was so funny. They then brought in Melissa (the curly haired one who could not cook) to help Sarah get over her pain!!!

    Melissa laughed and made some jokes. Sarah asked if Melissa thought that "What we did in the woods" may have had an influence on his decision.

    Next week is Joe Millionaire-the Aftermath....honest!

  • teenyuck

    I was typing my response to LB when the phone rang....been on a call...just noticed that I re-covered everything you all said.....Opps. Sorry for the mess up.

  • Francois

    Television? What's that?

    All seriousness aside, I don't think any of the girls have any complaints. They started out money grubbing, if I understand the concept here, and there wasn't any. What they got was equivalent to their own sincerity.

    Any guy who has had a money-grubber, gold digger after him knows the cynicism and hypocrisy connected with this type woman. And runs.


  • Princess

    Really? You didn't guess they'd give them a million? I figured they had to or else they would be open to lawsuits from the women.

    I agree Evan didn't seem to expect the money at the end. He acted dumber than usual! I also agree that Zora is too smart for him and will probably end up dumping him eventually.

    I never would have watched the show but I found it so entertaining to watch these women fighting over this really dumb guy just because they thought he was wealthy. Knowing he wasn't was just priceless. And then Sarah asking Melissa if what happened in the woods made her look bad. Um, you think?

    My husband was deeply offended by the whole show/premise. I thought it was a riot.

  • Shutterbug

    Ladies, I bet he looked a whole lot better and seemed to be much more intelligent when the contestents thought he was worth millions. Bug

  • SheilaM

    I loved the show Thunder and Anthony and Melanie and Myself all picked Zora at the beginning as the "perfect" one. I agree about Evan though he may be tall and kinda cute <I personally don't think so> I would die of boredom, he can't carry a conversation and intellect, intellect NOPE none there <sigh> I just can't deal with stupid men

    My son was screaming ZORA ZORA which made me very happy. He thought a sweet beautiful intelligent girl was much better that a HO bag YEA ANTHONY!!!!!

    Sarah was such a catty c witch when she found out, and her trying to whisper to the other girl about she and Evans antics in the woods was too funny

  • SheilaM


    Rich or poor Evan is lacking in many areas Intelligence especially. He just is a "dumb jock" guy.

    Francois: Zora actually didn't like the idea of the money she was very closed mouthed about her life because she was not wealthy and never had been. I think Sarah would have dumped him once she found out he was poor, had she been chosen. I think HAD he been rich Zora might have taken a different path. I also think Sarah might have said anything to get the ring...She was such a whore geesh

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