Generation changes chart - 3rd edition

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  • smiddy

    You coulda fooled me , just saying


  • DesirousOfChange

    I started working on this chart 5 years ago. I didn't think I'd have to update it again so soon.

    It reminds me of those certain people in the family that you always knew to "pencil in" their phone numbers in the rolladex (I'm I telling my age here?) because they changed their address and phone number more often than their underwear.

    So it is with WT and their New Light. Fortunately these days they can just "cut & paste".


  • WingCommander

    Thanks! I really like how you placed some photos of references on this chart, such as the INFAMOUS May 1984 "Generation" cover - fantastic!!!!

    Also......just look at it as a whole for a second. Now think about this easy to understand? Would Jesus have really been behind such convoluted, twisted doctrine? Is this what they mean by understanding the "deeper things"? What a load of horse sh*t!!!! Nothing about this is a easy to understand, follow, or logical. It's a complete mess!!!!! And yet somehow, these charlatans have the BALLS to claim that this doctrine is inspired, and from YHWH and Jesus themselves?????? My ass!!!!! Totally blasphemous, and goes way, WAY beyond "what is written" in the Gospel. Also, I think it's absolutely disgusting to think that now, or in the past, people were actually disfellowshipped, kicked out on their bums, turned away from their families, etc if they didn't tow the line and buy into this mathematical buffoonery!!!!!! That's some real Christian Love the JW's got going on there.

    "Get out of her my people," - Indeed.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • Petraglyph
    Very good. I'm wondering how possible it would be to make this into something about the size of a tract, if the formatting would work.
  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    Oh wow. Amazing job on this flow chart. I want to print it up and sneak it into my mom's purse or car, or, better yet just litter my old kingdom hall parking lot with flyers of the chart. If this doesn't help stir minds then they are a lost cause
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Bewildered, flabbergasted, confused, and mind boggled, I am!!
  • Dunedain

    That "infamous" Watchtower cover with the older "anointed", and saying about the passing of this 1914 generation, is so iconic. I remember it from when i was a kid, like it was yesterday.

    Wouldnt it be funny to get the names of all those elderly "brothers" and "sisters", that were on the cover of that magazine, and find out which ones have passed away. I could almost guarantee that, almost, if not ALL, of them are dead. How funny would it be that all those on that cover about a generation "that would never pass away", are long dead and buried.

    I bet it wouldnt be that hard to find out either. LOL, ridiculous.

  • fastJehu
    Wouldnt it be funny to get the names of all those elderly "brothers" and "sisters", that were on the cover of that magazine, and find out which ones have passed away.

    Here it is, scroll down to the buttom:

  • prologos

    so, calculating the overlap with No. 3, G. Gangas: was probably anointed at his baptism and of age 18 in 1914. died in 1996; so, lived 82 years after 1914. If his younger doppelgaenger, G Gangas the 2nd, would live 82 year of anointed bliss past 1996 (with an 18 year overlap). 'George the second' would be raptured in 2078. He would have missed the marriage that is supposed to happen soon, very soon. but then, in his day, type's day, the anointed were supposed to survive into paradise.

    my date 2075. 3 less than the 2 Gangas overlappers. others:

    No. 8 2072

    No 12 2076

    No 14 2070

    No.16 2076

    Formula? If born before 1900. add the difference from their date of death and 1914 to their year of death. RIP.

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