Going nuts....

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  • Vivamus

    Tomorrow will be better? Promise??

    **starts chewing on cookies**

  • Inquiry

    LOL Viv!

    Not if you eat too many of those cookies ... doing situps might be a better idea... you'll have rock hard abs in a few weeks...

    but yes.. tomorrow will be better, especially if you don't smoke today... and the day after that will be even better, especially if you don't smoke tomorrow... :) You're where I was 34 days ago... ahhhh, I remember it well.... I was a total biotch for 3 days ... ask my son.. he'll tell ya...

    but, on the fourth day... well, pleasant relief... I got a handle on it and things have been smooth sailin since... I've even been completely loaded and not had a cig... amazin eh... I can drink alcohol or coffee and not have a cig... and as the days go by... like me, you'll think about it less and less... it won't be that nagging, constant thought occupying madness that's going on right now... it becomes less intense after 3 days... and your almost there!

    I'd grab a pack of chewing gum though... you kinda want to mow down huge when your going through this, so chewing gum helps you mow without all the extra calories... lol

    Plus it keeps your mouth occupied when someone says something that really sets you off

    Hope I'm helpin'


  • Vivamus

    :), thanx for the smile Inq, Excellent advise too, Bubble gum, I'm gonna get some. Thanx for letting me know I'm not the only one that had this madness to go through.


  • Vivamus

    Right... so now I've got bubble gum. And I can't blow bubbles cause of my tongue piercing! What fun is that?!

    I also got a test kid of nicotine gum. I'm not really planning on having them, but it gives me some pleasure knowing that next time the craving hits me, I can have a piece of gum and feel better without actually having smoked a cigg. But then again, taking a nicotine shot would undo all the hard work of the past hours.....

  • Inquiry

    Your so very welcome viv...

    I had my son egging me on... I'm trying to get him to quit too and I think it's coming cause he's sick of the coughing and phlegm and stuff... I agree with your thinking that taking in nicotine of any kind only prolongs the process... I just chew gum and suck up the rest... and when I'm really crankin for a smoke, I get bubble gum and blow bubbles ... hahaha... I think the snapping sound does something for me.. hahaha

    Your doing good viv... keep it up girl...


  • Vivamus

    I've succumb to the craving. I have had a nicotine filled piece of gum. Gawd I feel like such a loser! LMAO, but damn, I feel normal again, sjeesh, what a relief. BTW, crap, those gums are disgusting! I'd rather have a pack of Newports than the gum ... wait a minute, maybe that's the reason they are supposed to help with quitting ciggies? Can I keep on counting? I still have not smoked.... 38 hours and 35 minutes....

  • nixi

    Don't worry - it gets easier every day!

    I stopped exactly 80 days ago (cold turkey as well) - and I hardly think of it anymore. The only problem after 3 weeks or so was that I started dreaming of having a smoke every night In my dreams I always felt guilty (and sick) afterwards, so I didn't try it in "real live" again

    Ok, you're right... it's not THAT easy... but it's well worth it. Just try not to eat to much sweets - I gained around 6 kilos and 4 kilos just won't go away anymore Oh, and do a lot of sports - you will see, how fast you'll improve now you've stopped smoking.

    Good luck,


  • Elsewhere

    You just try to smoke one and see what my little friend does!

  • Vivamus

    40 hours and 16 minutes. But I feel quilty, I have nicotine gum now, I feel normal, no craving, no desire, I'm happy. I feel guilty.....

  • LyinEyes

    Viv you are not a loser you are doing great. I have heard it said, from many people who know, that giving up the cigs, is harder than getting off some heavy drugs. So you are a strong willed person.

    Keep it up to inspire me,,,,,, I only smoke about 3 cigs a day, but I need to give them up. But I just am not ready yet........so I hope you do well and I can follow your example.

    I only started smoking this last year. At first it was a few cig when I went out, then it was once a day, and so forth......keep it up ,, I know you can do it.

    I hear that cig smokes makes you have face wrinkles,,,,,,,,omg,,,,,,,how I don't want that at my age....so there is a little vanity inspiration.

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