"So that we will not be confused with salesmen, it is best not to mention the donation arrangement unless we are asked..."

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  • Dunedain
    I always thought it was so stupid when they would say "If someone asks how the work is financed". Who the [email protected] would EVER ask that, after taking the magazines at the door. Oh, what lovely magazines, Oh and btw how is this financed, yeah right!
  • wannaexit

    It may be for business territory, but the fact remains that botchtower hasn't pushed publishers to ask for donations at the doors in a long time.

    It used to be that whenever a someone did a presentation at the hall, it would always be followed by the "if you would like to donate to the worldwide work, I am happy to accept a donation". Then it stopped.


    I love Mormon girls, you know why?? They're always peddlin' ass! LOL!!


  • blondie

    This is so funny...in the old days many jws were embarrassed to ask for contributions (mandated amounts) and when in 1990 the WTS went to worldwide work money supposedly not associated with the publications, there were problems like:

    Only asking for the worldwide work monies if they took publications but not if they didn't.

    I remember an ex-elder was with my husband and a man at the door asked what the cost was for the publication, "no cost" he said. And then asked for contributions for the worldwide work. The man said: "I thought you said there was no cost."

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