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  • John Free
    John Free

    I know Alex Bogdanov. And I would guess you are him or sash? Your style of writing is similar ‘I didn’t think nothing...’

    Regardless, ‘apostasy’ is JW loaded language. So although the book is normal Criticism that healthy organisations would not react to... in the JW world of strict information control it is apostasy and the author can expect a meeting with 3 Elduhs.

    welcome to the forum.

  • Magnum

    John Free, I think you might be right about Catcat's possibly being Alex Bogdanov. Now that I look back over the OP, I do find it to be a little suspicious. Maybe Alex is trying to gather interest in and promote his book.

  • Catcat

    thank you everybody for replying, thank you magnum your reply was very helpful. John if you know alex it means we live in the same area. If people think I promote alex book please let me know and i will delete my post. I was searching for advice and i got it

  • carla

    Dear Catcat, just a heads up in case you post again and are trying to remain under the jw radar- posts cannot be deleted they just fade into the archives unless someone revives them. Editing a post must be done within a few moments or so.

  • Magnum

    Catcat, I have no problem admitting that I might have been wrong in my previous post; in fact, it looks like I might have been. If I was wrong, then I genuinely apologize; I was just saying what I really at the time thought might have been the case.

    If you're not the author, then I want you to feel free to come to this site and ask questions and expect to have some of us really try to sincerely answer them.

    Right now, I advise you to seek and question; do not just accept what JWs (or anybody) tells you. You have the right to question and challenge. If JWs have the truth, they shouldn't fear such. However, they do fear because of their vast history of failed predictions, doctrinal changes, etc. and their inability to defend their current doctrine and policy and organization. They run from questions and challenges, and that's a sign they're not what they claim to be.

  • Lett The Shunning Begin
    Lett The Shunning Begin

    Hi Magnum,

    Excellent posts! I too was awakened by the "generation" teaching. Unfortunately not until the current "overlapping" nonsense. 35 years a Watchtower Slave for me....

  • Magnum

    Lett The Shunning Begin, 35 years for me, too.

  • Finkelstein

    Catcat first lets establish your an complete idiot

    Why ?

    Because you've come to the biggest longest running ex-jws ( Apostate ) web site in he world, to ask if certain writings in a book are apostate.

    And yes the overlapping generation doctrine is not backed by the bible and is unscriptural, so is 1914.

    The Watchtower Corporation created a false "Commercialized " Gospel to sell and proliferation literature, there is nothing righteous about that, in matter of fact its sinful and shows disloyalty to god and his son.

    It lied all throughout the 20th century and before, if you do the research.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    How the hell old are you Catcat? Welcome to the forum, but start using that noggin of yours. Reason it out. This will help you in many aspects of life. If a book questions the Society in any way you could say its "doubting." Is the doubting malicious or sincere? Either way in WT world its apostasy. Good luck getting that thinker in gear.

  • Catcat

    I am sorry if my question is silly, but all my family are jw and i was scared that someone might find out that im reading this book, after all the comments i won't talk to anyone about it even my family as i dont want to be disfellowshiped. I was hoping maybe someone on here might have had something silimar and not had any problems from other jw or family

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