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  • Catcat

    hi i am new here. i bought a book that was published by one brother in our area. the title, If only, the brother didnt change his name he is, Alex bogdanov, to support this brother I bought his book. it is fiction about couples and I didnt think nothing of it, but after reading a few chapters one of the characters is an ex JW, i don’t think this character is disfellowshipped in the book, but she is definitely not active. the problem I have is that this character is doubting the This Generation prophecy and is negative about JW, because this book is fiction can I still read it, or it is apostasy?

  • slimboyfat


    I read a one word poem about life today:


  • carla

    If you are here and reading the threads I don't see why you can't read the book.

    Sounds like your jw author has problems with the overlapping generation thing! lol

  • nicolaou
    can I still read it, or it is apostasy?

    There is nothing wrong with apostasy Cat

  • Catcat
    yes that is true but i am hidden here, should i keep it as a secret that i have read the book from other jw?
  • sparky1

    I see this is your first post. Let me welcome you here and I hope your stay will prove enlightening. There are many kind and insightful people posting on this site. Good luck on your journey.

  • carla

    Hi Catcat, welcome! didn't realize it was your first post.

    I am hoping you see a problem with your post. Let's see, you have a book written by a jw but you are not sure you should let other jw's know you have it much less read it. Do you think this normal?

    At any rate, don't tell them about it today! (memorial day) They tend to get particularly zealous today and for a few days after the big jw holiday.

  • scratchme1010
    or it is apostasy?


  • slimboyfat

    Yes it is apostasy. Let's not be confusing, now.

    There's a possible cat called apostasy on the loose on this thread too, which I think deserves note. (And a cartoon strip of its own)

  • Magnum


    I agree with carla. Doesn't it seem odd that you're worried about hiding the fact that you've read the book? Seems cultish, doesn't it?

    JWs aren't supposed to doubt JW teachings. They're supposed to just accept them. They're supposed to accept the current "generation" teaching. I say "current" because it has changed so much. What about JWs who accepted former "generation" teachings? Those teachings were wrong, but JWs had to accept them; otherwise, they would have been called "apostates".

    I accepted the "generation" teaching that expired in 1994, and doing so ruined my life. That teaching was abandoned and a new one was instituted. I was then supposed to accept that new one, which was also later changed, and the next one, which was later changed.

    JWs are supposed to accept JW teachings not because they're right, but because the organization says to accept them.

    So, you equate doubting the "generation" teaching with apostasy? Do you realize (as I've already indicated) that the teaching has changed at least four times? That means that somebody in the organization had to doubt the teaching at some point; otherwise, it wouldn't have changed. Do you seem what I'm saying? At least one of the JW authorities had to doubt the teaching at some time. Why wasn't he wrong to doubt it? JW leaders can doubt it, but you can't. If you do, you're an apostate.

    JWs are scared of people who think for themselves and who question. The ones who won't stay in line are labelled "apostates" to keep other JWs from listening to them because the JW leaders are scared. They know they can't defend their teachings. They know their history is filled with false predictions, deception, and plenty of other negative stuff (some of it being outright crazy). "Apostate" is simply a label. That label is a tool the organization uses to protect itself. There's nothing evil or demonic about apostates. They're just regular people who came to realize that what they thought was the truth was not.

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