My mums dying she refuses blood transfusion...the horror.

by Witness 007 34 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Witness 007 I second what @stuckinarut2 has offered. I'm in Sydney too and will come give you support in a hearbeat. Just say when and where. You need as many people who "get" it around you so the WT insanity doesn't eat your soul up. Happy to offer you some company during this distressing time.


  • Chook

    007 let your mum have her peace and take out your anger on the org . Again we hate seeing our friends family suffering, sorry for your pain.

  • freddo

    So, so sorry ...

  • KiddingMe

    I am so sorry about what you are going through. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  • BluesBrother

    So sorry for what you are going must indeed be hell. You are showing real love to her..just by being there.

    I do have family that are very committed dubs and if it comes to it , I know that their decision would be the same as your Mother's.

    Now, I am assuming that she is advanced in years and has practised the faith for a good long time (she is 'anointed, you say).. It is heartbreaking but I am sure that we must allow such ones the dignity of making their decision about their own bodies , even unto death. They may be misguided, misinformed , misled, but they choose to do it, so let them have their final wish.

    My heartfelt sympathy,and admiration , be with you at this time..

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Hi thanks for all the support here. My mum took a bad turn and died on Sunday very late at night we did not make it even though we were sleeping 15 minutes away. I'm glad she went very quickly. Some brothers comment how she "was faithful to the end." I feel pity not anger for these delusional people. Thanks again. I did not feel like talking to anyone but thanks for the support. She can now rest with no suffering after 2 half years of chemo without blood Transfusions. At least we had some extra time.

  • OnTheWayOut

    My deepest sympathies. Your outlook really shows you cared.

  • cobweb

    So sorry for your loss.

  • carla

    My deepest sympathies, wishing you peace.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    So sorry for your loss. So sad, so sad. Still Totally ADD

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