Jehovah's Witnesses want to invite you to their newly refurbished hall!

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  • Dagney

    How more dreary can they possibly make it look!

    From an apostate's standpoint, "good job! WBTS."

  • NewYork44M
    When did they stop giving armrests? I am glad I got out of that religion before the new light about armrests came out.
  • EndofMysteries
    Isnt there a thought given to a little room in between?

    For real, where is the room for Jesus in between those chairs.

  • username
    No room for Jesus, haven't you heard? He doesn't like the rank and file very much, preferring to hang out with the top dogs only!
  • konceptual99

    I don't think I've been in a hall in the UK with arm rests on the chairs other than assembly halls.

    The standard chairs they have used on builds for a while now are not that bad. It's not the chair that is the problem, it's the dull, dreary talks...

  • OrphanCrow
    “There are a lot of questions about Jehovah’s Witnesses – this is an opportunity to come and see the hall to put your mind at rest and to see what is here.”
    What a stupid thing to say!
    Even WT PR doesn't make such gaffes.

    That phrase caught my attention, too. But, in light of the recent negative publicity concerning child abuse coverups, it makes sense.

    Especially when you consider the source of the article. The journalist also had this article published in The Hertz Advertiser.

    Stevenage’s Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate

    Let's take a look see at that guy who wrote that article.

    Oliver Pritchard

    Oliver claims a busy schedule, and even some leisure time!

    Works as a support worker for adults who have barriers to life.

    Full time doing this:

    I am responsible for sourcing and writing most of the lead stories that go into the Stevenage edition of the Comet newspaper.
    I also provide articles for the two other editions of the paper and write features that go into all three versions.
    In addition to this I have built and maintained a large number of contacts who regularly provide me with exclusive stories.
    I also cover the vast majority of court stories which feature in the paper and have honed my shorthand and knowledge of reporting restrictions through this.
    During my time at the Comet I have helped significantly increase the number of views the website receives. I have also got more people involved with the paper through face-to-face meetings and by interacting with them on social media.
    Several of my exclusive stories have been published in national papers.

    I am thinking about that...this is another one of those media stories that the JWs are so fond of doing - WTS is yet (agaaaiin...) providing the news media with their scripted, marketed media release. They gave the journalist "exclusive rights" - handed some propaganda to some journalist hungry to increase his/her website hits, an advertisement for their corporation. Propagnada. Published in a advertising 'newspaper'.

    Ah...check out the dude's education. A degree in math and economics. Not a single mention of journalism schooling or experience other than the one he is increasing website hits on.

    Huh...adverstising. Propaganda machine.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm sure this can go for a pretty penny on the real estate market. I wonder how long they will get to use it especially when all the child molestation pay outs become due they got a shit load of them in the court system and pay out time might be coming very soon.

  • freddo

    It's a kingdom hall guys, what did you expect - the Sistine Chapel?

  • steve2

    The earlier photo of the JWs posing before the altar of the logo featured at least two reasonably good looking, fresh-faced young adult male Witnesses in a group of five - that's a pretty good ratio. If I lived close to Stevenage, I'd probably accept the invitation and, once there, show a lot of interest, actually.

  • Mary J Blige
    Mary J Blige

    "There will be no preaching on the day but anyone interested in the religion can speak to congregation members about its teachings."

    LOOOOOOOOL!!!! Contain yourselves faithful dubs, no preaching allowed!!!

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