Quick question can a monisterial servant conduct the watchower

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  • Thisismein1972

    Since the name Jehovah was invented by a monesterial servant (otherwise known as a Monk) then yes anything is possible. However, as you clearly made a typo (nobody is perfect Outlaw 😜) then I believe in the extreme case there is no elder to conduct the watchtower study, then a ministerial servant will have the "privilege" of taking said watchtower.

    Failing that, it will be a member of the opposite sex doing a fine impression of a Arab citizen. Wearing a tea towel (probably sourced from the kitchen area) on her head.

  • eyeuse2badub

    How hard can it be? Read a printed question from the wt magazine and then call on a person who is frantically waving their hand in the air so that the person can then read the printed "answer" from the wt magazine followed by everyone then nodding their heads in approval. Do not deviate from the printed material in the wt magazine. Scold any who dare exceed the 30 second time limit per comment. Do not exceed the 60 minute indoctrination period (aka watchtower study).

    Done, a 12 year old could conduct!

    just saying!

  • Giordano

    A lat of youse hav pelling problemino's nit just Popie, pouple, pooie.

    Whenn I runed this throuught Pell Chec here's wat i git pack......


  • ToesUp

    He must be exemplary (God...I hate that word).

    Non "exemplary" brothers (the ones who get less than 10 hours in and can't seem to tow the WT line) can clean the toilets, clean the KH, come to the spring clean up, take the speaker out to lunch and donate for "kingdumb interests." Even though we have been taught that every task within the org is an equal "priviledge." Brothers who can't cut the mustard will have to sit out on "holy privileges."

    I have always told my spouse that if the put a dirty toilet on the stage, during the assembly, all the Brothers would be rushing to the stage to clean it. It's all about "being seen." "Ok, looser Brothers, you can do the dirty tasks but we can't USE YOU for the important tasks."

    WHAT A CLUSTER! There are 4 people in this family that can not be "USED" anymore! We voted with our feet and our wallet! Happier than ever!

  • Diogenesister

    A 9 year old *could* do so.

    Yes I've had ministerial servants conduct our Watchtower before.

    Poopie I love you!💕

    NB guys, you can't edit headings btw.

  • steve2

    Monisterial [sic] servants cannot conduct the Watchtower but under certain conditions can conduct the orchestra. Can others provide the citation for this? Thanks.

    BTW, when I was born, Jehovah God said to my mother, "He will never be exemplary so will never conduct the Watchtower". In that regard, Jehovah was not wrong.

  • snowbird

    Under certain circumstances, yes.

    Oftentimes, can do as good, if not better, than elders.

    Feacons can also become nishops.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    There's an edit icon for the heading.

    Used it myself recently when I went into a lather over unthinkingly using incorrect punctuation. Fortunately, I spotted the error within the 30-minute limit.

    Some mistakes, however, can never be undone . . .

  • steve2

    If poopie were to use the edit function, his posts would not be so endearing.

  • NewYork44M

    I was an MS for 10+ years and an elder for 3. In all those years I never once conducted the Watchtower.

    If an MS was to conduct, I suspect it would be because of extremely unusual circumstances. I would also suspect that the MS that conducted the Watchtower would be a major arse-kisser.

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