Go Bags, Safe houses and cartoon of two kids.

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  • scruffmcbuff

    Data-dog: thats a long long list!

    I dont know why i allow myself to be shocked by WTS. I just hope if shit hits the fan my parents come to me. Not some benefit (social security for the americans here) Claiming, window cleaning born in lunatic who think J Hove will save them.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Being prepared and having a go bag is a popular movement among all sorts right now. it is an offshoot of the troubles had during recent catastrophes. it is encouraged by the government,, just look at the Awake information and compare it to what the gov. encourages. What I will carry that is not on the list is a .22 pistol.

    Nobody has told what is going to happen here, we are too far away from coasts to have hurricanes, are not in earthquake country.

    You can count on the family being in separate areas when whatever happens anyway. My take is we have some really good neighbors if it hits even if they don't go to meeting. As for the elders, who is going to look after these duffers?

  • skin

    Zed said:

    We had a baby near death -wife in hospital with- elder not available as he was working on a part for the coming convention.

    We had a very similar thing happen to us, we had a young child in hospital for 2 weeks and during that time it was very touch and go. At no point during that time did our group elder who lives less than 5mins from the hospital ever visit, only a few txt messages asking for updates. Not long after that when I finally asked to be removed from the ministry school, within a day, that elder contacted me and invited me to join him for a coffee at a cafe of my choice. Next day he was able to go out of his way to meet me, and there was no way he was going to talk me back into joining the school again.

  • ShirleyW

    I'll preface this by admitting that I didn't read through all four pages, but just what exactly are they running from that they need a go bag? Can't be the BIg A because that will (if it was actually going to happen) find everyone, so just what are they running from?

  • skin

    Preparing for Natural disasters.

  • geevee

    So..I am trying to figure out whether this is an actual wt thing, or just a thing that some dubs do and promote?

    My family lived in a country town in South Australia in 1974-76. We had these two elders move in from Adelaide. They had this idea that we had to be ready to flee at any moment and that the book study would be held in different locations each week and you wouldn't know where until you got a phone call about 6.30 p.m that night. You had to go plain clothes until you arrived, you had to be able to hide your books as soon as the "knock" came on the door. One bloke had torn the pages out of his study book and when the knock came, he shoved them in his mouth and swallowed them! Three families were assigned to each other and if the S hit the F you would go in search of each other! Here we are 42-4 years later. Wonder if they all stayed IN!

  • Nevuela

    Who disliked Scruffmcbuff's comment? That was uncalled for.

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