Is it Possible to Love More than One Person?

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  • Debz

    Yes I believe it is!!!

  • Athanasius

    Yes it is possible to love more than one person. In fact that is the rule rather than the exception. However, when it come to sex, that is an entirely different matter. This is a very intimate expression which most would not generally share with everyone. If a person has pledged themselves to another in marriage or a committed relationship to limit sexual activity to that one person, breaking their vows will put a serious strain on the relationship. Therefore, if one doesn't want any sexual limitations he or she should avoid committments to just one person and stay single.



  • Robdar

    Many people relate love and sex as inseperable things.


    I blame programming. Women who run the risk of pregnancy are taught from an early age that they should be in a loving relationship with a man before they bear his child. That way the man may stick around to help raise the kids. I understand that reasoning behind it, but I think it is a disservice to young women. In a way, it stunts their enjoyment of sex without love.

    If you women who think that men need to be "trained" and are lucky enough to find a man who wants to be "trained" by a woman, you've found yourself a genuinely insecure man and a total loser.


    Again, you call it like it is. Any woman who thinks that she can change or train a man is sadly mistaken. Yet, it is remarkable how many women think that. It's another Hollywood myth and most are too blind to recognize it for what it is.

    some women no doubt do pick "trainable" men..just as some men pick just women who are "bonkable".....unfortunately there are losers and jerks on both sides of the sexes....


    Amen, my sistah.

    But then again..I did get to experience a deep that was wonderful..


    My heart goes out to you during this time of sadness.

    In time I have learned that being alone is far worst than having someone who will be lost in death. I have corrected this and have opened my heart and am willing to share it now.


    That was beautifully spoken.


    You added interesting thoughts to this discussion. Thank you. Yes I believe it is!!! Debz, I believe that you are right about that. Have you always felt this way? Therefore, if one doesn't want any sexual limitations he or she should avoid committments to just one person and stay single. Athan, That is good advice. But what about the ones who married too young and now have children? Should they get divorced or should they experiment with an open marriage? How will the kids fare? Thank you all for responding. Love yas, Robyn

  • Vivamus

    Robyn sorry hon, was out and therefor didn't respond earlier.

    " Perhaps you would rather not answer this but here goes: Would you, if possible, have sexual intercourse as an expression of your loving feelings with any other than the "one" you are "in love" with? Can it be done without becoming confused, emotionally? Should it be socially required that we choose only one? Or is it time for a love revolution? "

    Yes, I am having sexual relations with others besides the one that I'm in love with. I got confused once, but that was in a very emotional upsetting time for me [when my grandma died]. But in normal day life, its not confusing at all. I'm in love with one man, and with him, its just magic. With others, it is great, but totally different, its just friends having sex. When it comes to society and rules and regulations, I think every one should do what feels good for them. As long as there is communication and all parties are happy, there is no problem.

  • safe4kids


    You said:

    I do find this interesting. I personally couldnt be intimate with someone unless I was in love with them. I think alot has to do with trust too.

    Im not saying that it isnt right to have sex with someone you arent in love with. Its basically up to the person and whatever they feel comfortable with.

    This is pretty much how I feel, as well, although, for me, I don't have to be "in love" but I do have to have strong feelings for the individual and know them pretty well. I've learned this thru trial and error; when I've tried to go against my gut in this respect I've regretted it, and actually haven't been able to follow thru. Casual sex just doesn't work for me. Again, I totally agree that there isn't a "right or wrong" standard that can be applied across the board, just differences in what works for some people and doesn't work for others but there are "rights and wrongs" for me as an individual. As Xena said, there are so many variables to be considered and I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror with my integrity intact.

    I think that it's a mistake to make blanket statements about people and relationships as we never really know all of the motivations behind different behaviors. Personally, I would never want to "chain" someone, nor be chained myself. That whole idea of a soulmate and partner for life is wonderfully idealistic and certainly occurs on occasion but I suspect that the odds are against it for the majority of people.

    Just my $.02


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