When Will Bin Laden Not Hate Us?

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    TR: You are asking 2 questions--

    When Will Bin Laden Not Hate Us?

    When he's dead. Even after we're dead, he will still hate us.

    What would it take for Islamic extremists to give up on terror attacks against the west?

    When they're dead.


  • heathen

    I think the question is, how do we stop terrorism ? answer - Quit arming and training them .

  • Trauma_Hound
    Osama's problem is same as the WTBTS problem:

    I have God on my side, and my side only.

    Except, instead of waiting for Armageddon to happen....this guy is willing to MAKE it happen.

    Hmm that's spot on, but you forgot to include bush in that.

  • Abaddon
    What would it take for Islamic extremists to give up on terror attacks against the west?

    Er... if you kill them, they'll be more, as they exist due to a situation. That situation is essentially threefold, although there are other factors;

    a) Religious extremeism funded for the most part by super-rich oil states that are ostensibly Western allies. The schools the nut-jobs get brainwashed an education in are funded by extremist Islamist sects. These schools are in the super-rich oil states, but have also been built and funded in poorer countries like Pakistan.

    b) Gross economic disparity meaning little or any chance of significantly improving life by secular leaning or hard work, which produces a pool of disaffected youth you can indoctrinate. Believe me, if those kids had a decent education and the chance of a half-way decent job, religious fundamentalism would be a far less attractive option. If you doubt this, ask yourself, how many well-educated Christian fundamentalists (YEC's, flood believers, the brain-dead literalists, you know the ones I mean) have you met personally?

    c) What can objectively be described as extreme favouratism towards Israel, which is used by the extremists to 'prove' their case regarding Western bias against Arabic countries in general and Islam in particular.

    The U.S. to completely leave the middle east to it's own devices?

    Well, in some ways if the USA and other Western governments HAD done that, there wouldn't be this problem. Conversely, if the USA et. al. HAD done that, there might not be an Israel.

    U.S. become isolationist nation and not have foreign policy?

    Well, the USA has never done that. They have been 'isolationist' whilst having a foreign policy, and that sucks roobars. Backing despots, training Bin-Laden, Central America; there's a list, let's put it that way. But the USA 'withdrawing' from the world is an unlikely and quite undesirable option.

    If you stick your head in the sand, at some point someone's gonna stick something up your arse.

    The U.S. converts to Islam as a nation?

    That's just being silly. It's as likely as the USA turning into a Christian fundamentalist state. A scarey thought, but, fortunately one that wouldn't happen - the unvocal reasonable majority would at some point have enough of a vocal minority trying to lord it over them.

    Give Palestinians their own borders?

    That would be a good start.

    If the countries that are pools of fundamentalism had decent secular education systems and democratic givernment, if the super-rich oil states weren't protected by their own despotism against fundamentalists inside their countires and weren't able to avoid dealing with the funding of external fundamentalism due to their favoured allie status, and if the USA and other Western governments imposed a fair peace in Palestine and Israel with UN sanction.

    The problem with the war against terror is it is a fire fight where the chief effort has been applied to fighting the flamesThere is sufficient fuel for this to be futile, as for every flame that dies, one or more leaps up. What is needed is for the West to deny the fuel that feeds the fire, as then the flames can die away.

    What is essential in this is 'fair play', which sucks.

    The terrorists don't play fair.

    If the West doesn't 'play fair', i.e., using convenient legalistic loop-holes to imprison people in what would be on Western soil a violition of human rights (and still is, but not technically), doing things without UN sanction, not making Israel behave, mentioning god in speeches, then they just provide more fuel for the fire.

  • Silverleaf

    When will bin Laden not hate us?

    When he's dead.

    Can't wait.


  • ozziepost

    No time has been invented for such a thing!

  • Yerusalyim

    The War on Terror has to been done in two ways; AGGRESSIVE seeking out and elimination of those already committed to terror while at the same time AGGRESSIVE build up of local infrastructures and economies.

    Weak policies of the past, where Saddam was given a pass, where we turned tail in Beirut, where we turned tail in Somalia, where we lob a few missiles after an attack on our African Embassies, where we drop a few bombs when an attempt is made on the life of one of our former presidents, this type of weakness ENCOURAGES terrorists more than anything else.

    Make the terrorists afraid, while giving the common man hope, THAT is how terror will be defeated, and it's gonna take at LEAST two generations. It's the cold war all over again, except with a lot more violence.

  • cornish

    I asked the question,what would the USA have to do in order to please you,in a Islam chat room,the answer given was to stop supporting Israel and to convert to Islam.

  • Silverleaf

    cornish wrote: the answer was to stop supporting Israel and to convert to Islam.

    Darn it but if I wasn't a Pagan, I'd be grabbing a copy of the Torah and converting to Judiasm as I type this. Go Israel - I'm going to go out and get an I LOVE ISRAEL button right NOW!!!


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