Can't shake the feeling the end is near, help me

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  • JamesThomas

    Monkey, True peace is something that we find within us. Words and beliefs can not give it to you. If I may, I would suggest spending more time in nature and feeling what it's like to be alive now, in the moment, without thinking about it. There is a deep peace that we carry within, we just don't realize it because we are too focused on the drama of the mind. Learn to be still and meditate quietly on the sense of silent being within you. You don't need to make a formal practice out of it. It's something you can do while walking or doing the dishes, or whatever. Find the peace that is you. JamesT

  • outoftheorg

    Hi Monky

    There was a time that I also felt that the "end" was near and it caused me a lot of useless fear and wasted energy. It dawned on me finally, that the end, "my end" was always not over 40 yrs away at that time. I am not going to live forever. I also know that I could die tomorrow, in a car crash, lightening strike, a burglery, a fall. Death can come to us in many ways at any time.

    So my worrying about it was a waste of prescious time and opportunity to enjoy life in the moment.

    So I accept the thought that my "end" could happen at any time and it will come at some time.

    This ended the dread of death and enhanced my enjoyment of life on a day to day basis. Nothing is certain and nothing lasts for ever and all things can and do change.

    This enables me to be happy, recieve and give love, do all the things that feel good. The things that need done, goof off at times, behave my self, be serious, swap jokes and lies with friends, bet on the lottery, work my ass off at times, a huge menu of options. All socially acceptable and all a part of life.

    I also apply this way of acceptance of death to my children and other loved ones. I am aware that at any time one of them could die. Dieing is a part of living. It would hurt and I would grieve. But I do not dread the possibility of it happening. There is no way of controling this part of our lives. We can and ought to be safety conscious and not reckless, but that is no guarantee.

    What ever happens in the times ahead, I will observe it and react and deal with it. I will help those I can and protect when it is possible. If it doesn't kill me I will live through it and go on with my life.

    Which is exactly what I would do if there were not, threats of war or attacts. This is what we all do.This is life in reality. The doom sayers print books and magazines and are on the tv and radio and flood us with feelings of dread and doom.

    This issue of radical muslim hatred has to be dealt with. Just as the radical christian hatred needs to be dealt with. There always has been something in this world that had to be dealt with. But the world always goes on, life goes on.


  • Warrigal

    Hi Monk3y; Just remember that in addition to all the signs mentioned in Matthew 24, wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, pestilences, etc and the scripture in Revelation 11:18 about those ruining the earth; that there will be both natural and man-made disasters and destruction. Depending upon where they happen and where you live it can seem like the end of the world.

    Be strong. Trust in God and keep your spirits up. He loves you as he loves all his people.


  • Satanus


    Jgnat's dream, whatever it's enterpretation, shows how we should wade into our fears. The best way to go is through them. I have had visions of myself similarly challenging my fears. I still have a ways to go to have a good life, though.

    Over the years, the wt has thrown out 29 dates. The wt's god has never done what the wt demanded of him, on any of those dates. Consider that record. Compare it w other groups that have made end of the world predictions. What does it say about those groups?

    You said your life is going good. Could you be feeling guilty for that? Like it's wrong, or you don't deserve, or it can't last? Well, go ahead, dare to hope. Lots of people have had good lives. You can control your own life. You don't need an org, or a god to do that for you. It's radical considering our background. If you want to have faith, have faith in the good of the universe, and in yourself. Don't be afraid of god, whatever it is.


    That was a cool dream, really. Damn, what is this water in my eyes.


  • funkyderek
    Josh, the end or Armageddon IS coming.

    No it's not. Don't worry, Christians have been saying that for 2000 years. They'll probably keep saying it until their religion is consigned to the history books.

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    When I was a kid I remember late at night listening to the radio hearing a news bulletin that Israel had been invaded. It scared the begeebers out of me because I remember some vague Sunday School lesson where the 'end' would come shortly after Jerusalem was surrounded. That was in 1967 and became known as the 6-day war were Israel soundly defeated the invaders.

    Don't worry....I think that you are probably young enough to not have enough life experience to know that these things come and go. Those of my generation lived through the cold war were we were practicing for a nuclear attack in our schools. Since then there have been numerous times that it seemed like the 'end' was near. Take heart, look to older people who have been down this road before.

    I do believe in Bible prophecies, but several things still need to be fulfilled before the so-called 'end'.

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  • ARoarer

    Hey there lil monkey, don't be afraid. Even if this were the "end" people have always anticipated, we have to remember that it is spoken of in a positive way for humankind. Jesus taught that his coming would be Good News for man. His birth was announced as Peace on earth to men of goodwill. If Armegeddon does come the Prince of Peace, Wonderful Councellor, will not be what Bin Laden and Jehovah's Witnesses want, for they have no goodwill toward men. They dream of death and destruction be they "Infidel" or "Worldlings" or "Pagans" or "Apostates". They don't want peace or goodwill they want total submission. They tear down, they dream death to those who are not them. They teach fear. They teach that your life is worthless. They surely do not reflect the Prince of Peace and the Good News for all Mankind. Don't be afraid Monkey. Trust in God not those earthly religeous fanatics who believe the earth is only for them. It is not theres to give or pass on. They echo Satan's words. "Do an act of worship to me and you can have these kingdoms", and you will "positively not die". "You can live forever." They are deceptive and cruel. You will be fine Monky. Love ARoarer

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  • jgnat

    Gosh, SaintSatan, what a nice thing to say. You articulated my meaning very well, though I had not thought of it in that way. You are right. I am not fearful because I faced my fear down. Double Edge, good point. As a kid I lived in fear of nuclear holocaust, and later, the end of the oil reserves. I feel so duped now. Here I am, alive and healthy, and life goes on. Onacruise, I agree that it helps to realize that our personal armageddon can come at any time. Just crossing the road without looking can bring our number up in a real hurry.

    So many wise, wise thoughts here. Great thread.

  • Satanus


    I was presenting a much more general enterpretation.


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  • DanTheMan

    Oh yeah, my faith in the future of this planet is being sorely tested right now too. There was a front page article in today's USA Today, Oh hell ruined my day...

    I very much had an "Armageddon" outlook on life long before I had even heard of JW's. I guess you could say I was ripe for the picking. Too much heavy metal and marijuana and not enough parental guidance or encouragement.

    The hardest thing for me since leaving the org is facing reality -

    1. I'm not immortal

    2. The world is a violent place, and the violence in the world is not unique to the age we live in, it has always been there. Tell the people living in Asia during the time of vicious warriors such as Genghis Khan that our century somehow has a different level of violence than what they dealt with then. I mean, just reading some of the Old Testament accounts and the numbers of the people who died in various battles is so high that the figures become meaningless

    3. There are no guarantees

    4. Although I guess it could happen, I'm not placing any bets on sky daddy stepping in at a certain time to say, "OK boys, that's enough". Why would God do that now? If God is going to rid the world of violence, why didn't he do this a long time ago?

    I guess that when you boil it down, we humans are sophisticated animals that have gained a conscious awareness of ourselves and the universe. And with this awareness comes some good (I don't know if there are any animals that can experience the joy and happiness that humans can) and bad (I don't know if there are animals that experience the anxiety and existential fright that we do). If the fundy muslims pull off something catastrophic (I believe they will), just think of all the animals it would kill in addition to humans. Yet the animals aren't afraid. Ah, to be a pigeon.

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