Can't shake the feeling the end is near, help me

by m0nk3y 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • m0nk3y

    I hate this feeling .. I try and reason with myself thats its the life long programming that I have been through .. but the world events atm are really getting me nervous ... Please People Help Me get past this :/

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  • Vivamus

    Hey sweetie, it's quite normal you should feel like this. Imagine it like this, you have been programmed all those years to get anxcious whenever something happens, you getting afraid as a dub, would strenghten the hold the WTBS has on you.

    Even tho you left the Borg, getting rid of the programming they have bestowed on you, takes time.

    So don't panic, analyze why you feel like that, you'll be fine.




    Hey Monkey.

    Believe it or not, about 20+ years ago, I went through the same thing.

    I too felt like 'the end' was near. It was a real mental battle when I left too in 1983/84. I honestly felt like 'Armageddon was around the corner'.

    20 years later... nada.

    But Vivamus is correct, the programming we undergo is constant. Fear is what ensnares us, keeps us in the organization's stranglehold.

    Time is what you will need Monkey. Being here is a good way to get a grasp of how most of us have shed that skin we wore while being Jehovah's Witnesses.

    We're doing very well, and no longer live in fear.

    I am so glad you expressed yourself and your concerns. We're here to help, encourage and allay your fears, whatever they may be.

  • betweenworlds

    Hey Monk3y,


    I know how you are feeling, but whatever happens in the world, nothing will make the Jehovah's witnesses the truth and the only way to gain eternal life. They are a corrupt, family wrecking, unloving organization full of unbiblical laws. By leaving this awful org. we are not leaving God!!!

    Even if supposed biblical prohesies are unfolding (who knows? the mayans and native americans have similar prophecies, as do many modern day psychics. is one anymore correct than the other? I sure don't know and as much as the fundamentalists want to say they know, they don't either) We are all on this ride together...and God bless the people who admit that they don't know it all I say :) I have been very rattled by the news this week as well, and my programming as much as I try to fight it keeps poking at me. Darn it all anyway!!

    Try to hang in there, and I'm glad that you have shared's comforting to know that others are feelings the same way.


  • whyhideit

    Just remember this point.

    If the end is truly here. Would you really want to stand with a religion that has made so many mistake and hurt so many people? Because it seems to me, that if GOD or whoever really wanted to bring an end to suffering and cared about mankind. Well he would definitely have a special place in his heart for all the people who suffered wrongly in the name of religion and not pass judgment on people, based on the wrong understanding of people that never got the message in the first place. If they truly were GOD'S people, then how come they made so many mistakes? The law for the JEWS started out perfect and got corupted, why would we think modern day people go the oppisite direction. IF, we use past examples to explain today? They were wrong, yet claimed to be GOD's people. Wrong is wrong, plain and simple. Nothing can hide that! No fake understanding, no Bible twisting, no weird illustrations, NO! They were just wrong and we have to accept that.

    So if this is the end and all the CRAP is hitting the fan. I would be more worried about myself, if I was with a group of people that might need a little punishment for their arrogance. Then I would be, if I was just a average Joe trying to make your way in life and wanting answers that do not seem out to elevate others over another, to harm people. If a train is going 100 MPH at a cliff, you can jump on and enjoy the ride over the edge or stand back and catch the train heading away from the cliff to a safer destination.

  • anti-absolutism

    It is a greater proof that you are being loved when love comes from strangers than when it comes from those who DEMAND that you accept their love, and that they in turn DEMAND it in return from you.

    I have only been on this site myself for a few days, but I feel that the love is genuine from the people here, because the people here have no alterior motives........ be strong, and remember doom has been predicted for centuries and it has NEVER been as bad as predicted..... it will be fine again...... some people just get off on creating fear, others on creating love.... find the right ones to get your energy from..... Take care, Brad E-mail me if you like

  • m0nk3y

    Thanks everyone ... I guess I feel torn between the life I have now (which is fantastic) and the life i used to have as a JW. Part of me realises that its all a bunch of crap and there is no end coming ( I mean lets face it it .. how likey is it that the prophecy alone about the UN stamping out all religion is going to happen when most of the UN is organised of ppl of different religions and backgrounds .. not to mention the UN developing a worldwide religion, I mean PLEASE!!) But then theres the part of my head that say "what if it all is going to happen ? what if armageddon is coming ? Either way I know I am not ever going to make myself a part of JWs again ... but I want to at least live the rest of my life till old age with the ppl i love and who love me.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    The Spirit is the Comforter - when an angel of the Lord comes, the address is, "don't be afraid".

    Whatever spirits you have scaring you are not the Spirit of the Lord - these are as those who saw Jesus at the temple and begged Him. Chill out, don't be like Cain - he pronounced God's judgement on himself too - and what did God say? - "Not so!"

    The darkness simply doesn't comprehend light - the darkness always thinks there must be a catch - doesn't trust the light - just doesn't get it.

    "don't be afraid"

    It's ok - you've just been attacked for a long time, that's all.


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  • SYN

    The end is definitely approaching as we speak.

    No, it's not because Bush is planning an imminent invasion of Iraq, which could cause most of the Muslim population of the world to destroy every single McDonald's that is not within a stone's throw of the Pentagon.



  • Gopher

    SYN -- You're absolutely right. That's a DEFINITE sign of the impending apocalypse.

    Monk3y -- The thoughts that are passing through your mind are absolutely normal. As you leave "the devil you knew" for a new, freer way of life, such thoughts as "what if the old way was right" are bound to occur. It is part of the process of leaving it all behind.

    As has been pointed out, since the prophesies of the WTS have been so full of crap up to this point, there is ZERO evidence that they speak for God or have any idea what they're talking about when they foretell an Armageddon to doom all of mankind who fail to read and believe what the Watchtower magazine says!! Their Armageddon prophecy is merely a control mechanism, meant to intimidate people into following this organization which merely claims (but fails) to represent God.

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