147th Gilead prt. 3 - this could stumble people

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  • Finkelstein

    Another thing he didn't point is how they came up with 1914 like Pyramidology

    So we are living in the last days because we are proselytizing false doctrines, preaching and selling a tainted version of the Gospel of Jesus.

    Or the WTS used the dating calculation of mankind's existence of 6000 years three times since the early 1900's.

  • Gorbatchov


    Prior to the 1995 "This generation" change, there was a talk at the Convention that made the audience silent. It was the last talk of the Saturday session by Jan Crans, then the Dutch branche very kind and respected scholar. He later was removed from the branch comitee and became head of the Dutch cleaning department and emigrated with his wife to the US. The talk was about Matthew 24:3, "When will this occur / happen" and about 24:29, the signs in sun, moon and stars. It was a word for word HQ written talk. During and after it, there was a lot of speculation. "Were was this talk about?". One thing was clear, some of Jesus return would be visable for mankind. More then we were told in doctrine before the talk.

    The style and the way Losch talk was done at the recent video has lot of the atmosphere, the vague arguments, the "listing to something diferent" and the idea "there is some change underway, we just heared it but don't understand it".


  • JustMe2


    Thank you!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    If the elders and members of my congregation are anything to go by, this will sail by them without being noticed. In the past I have asked various ones in the congregation, including elders, what they thought of an item in a Monthly Broadcast and always received a blank stare or a "not had time to watch it yet".

    We used to have a monthly meeting to play the broadcast for those without access to a computer but this quickly faded out due to lack of support.

    The analytical skills of the average JW should not be compared with those of members of a board such as this.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Almost, almost anything a GB member says positive or negative, will not have great impact on the average JW. They have all been systemically zombiefied which makes them immune to reason. Everything which comes from a GB member is as if from God himself.

    This talk by Loesch was delivered not to rank and file but to brain dead Gilead students who have already been in their assignments and are innoculated against unbelief in the Watchtower. The Gilead talks, like this one so poorly read by Loesch, is delivered in a low key because it is not controversial, it comes straight from the horse's mouth, a dyed in the wool GB believer who cannot possibly be wrong -- even though his organisation at his own admission, patently makes great big, far reaching, ginormous errors!

    I loved the self congratulatory propaganda referencing 1919: "Satan and his agents were not able to prevent the appointment of the faithful and discreet slave". This is succour for the missionaries but just try and analyse it critically in real world terms in the interests of truth and fact -- it is an absurd statement at the very heart of JW mythology.

    This cult of Jehovah's Witnesses runs on misinformation, deceit and false expectation of earthly and heavenly perfection. They are no longer growing faster than the population is and they are declining in the educated and advanced lands of the planet.

    We who are outside of this confidence trick might gain some hope from Leonard Cohen's words:

    "Ring the bells that still can ring

    Forget your perfect offering

    There is a crack, a crack in everything (there is a crack in everything)

    That's how the light gets in..."

    These Watchtower prophetic failures are very big cracks.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello neat blue dog ,

    thanks for the topic. Very, very interesting !

    Please allow me to add the following about the gb member Gerrit Lösch (born 1941)

    He was a pioneer since November 1, 1961 and was circuit and district overseer in Austria between 1963 and 1976. In 1965/1966 he was invited to the 41th Gilead class.In 1967 he married to Merete and sometime after that they entered to the Bethel in Vienna, Austria, where he stayed 14 years. In 1993/1994 was called to the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in Brooklyn, where he worked for the Executive Committee and Service Committee. Gerrit Lösch knows well the WTBS' activities in Europe and speaks German, English, Rumanian and Italian. On July 1, 1994 he was appointed as a member of the WTBS Governing Body..

    See also on youtube : https://youtu.be/7R4f9ygxDbk (only 5min 50 sec)

    A talk by Gerrit Lösh given in Italian – with english subtitles - during a special Convention on May 22nd ,2005 in the city of Monza, near Milan, Italy. He expresses the official WTBS view on higher education.

    By the way, LISTENER , is it possible to have the complete transcript of his talk on the 147th Gilead school graduation?

    Greetings to all,

    JC MacHislopp

  • Listener

    It's a long talk to transcribe but it might be worth transcribing the lot because of all the nonsense he says.

  • Finkelstein

    a dyed in the wool GB believer who cannot possibly be wrong.

    Not surprising since to be openly honest and admit the false teachings and apostasy conducted by the WTS in its drive for literature proliferation, that would invalidate himself as a spiritual leader and make him look like a culpable fraud, which the GB men are.

    These guys spent years within the organization and have climbed to the top status level where they receive special privileges that no other person receives, so there is a vast amount of power, prestige and privilege in their grasp.

    If they were to break away from the organization they are the ones who would loose the most, not only food, shelter and air flights around the world.

    Best to keep this scam working at least for their own sake. never mind Jehovah.

    In reality JWS are doing their will and purpose, the false doctrines are a part of that objective.

  • Diogenesister

    Can anyone link this as I can’t find it

  • LongHairGal


    I could not imagine any one of them expressing doubt about the religion or its teachings - like a Ray Franz... They would be sent packing.

    And if they didn’t have family money they would learn first-hand what it’s like to have to earn a living in the real world..in late middle-age!

    Nah!..They’re probably believers and think Jehovah will fix it.

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