Friday crucifixion?

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  • rstrats

    It is my understanding that JWs believe that the crucifixion occurred on Friday. However, Luke 24:21 would seem to indicate that it couldn't have occurred any later than Thursday. How do you explain the seeming discrepancy?

  • Yerusalyim

    There is no discrepency, sorry. Jesus was arrested Thursday night, so it was the "third day since this occurred" by that reckoning. The scriptures are clear, it was the preparation day, Friday, when Christ was crucified. Only two days of the week were named by the Jews, the Preparation day (preparing for the Sabbath) and the Sabbath itself.

  • TresHappy

    Thank you for the clarification. My parents used to talk about this but I never paid much attention to what they were saying. Now I get it!

  • Loris

    search this board for Passover and you will realize that the JW's are clueless of when our Lord died. Jesus died on Nissan 20 not Nissan 14. Going waaaaaaaaaaaay back. the Israelites left Egypt on the early morning of Nissan 15 Numbers 33:3 will clear that up. They prepared (hence the Preparation day referrered to) the meal the day before after a full day of making bricks. The meal itself was eaten after darkness had fallen. Which by the calendar of the time was actually Nissan 15. Pharoah summoned Moses in the middle of the night and was told to get those dirty brick makers out of his face. Fast forward to the wilderness. The festival of unfermented cakes was instituted and later became called Passover The whole seven days were called Passover as they still are today.

    There are now two Preparation days to the seven day Passover celebration. One on the date of Nissan 14 in preparation for the meal eaten that evening which is in reality Nissan 15 because sunset has fallen before the meal is eaten. One on Nissan 20 in preparation of the meal to be eaten after sundown which would be the date of Nissan 21 the last day of the Passover

  • Yerusalyim


    Are you a Seventh Day Adventist?

  • Loris

    Our Lord suffered for a week. Not just a few hours. He was shuffled from one kangaroo court to the other. Day after day. Just think people! Sit still and imagine for a moment. All that walking from court to court waiting for government officials to come into the hearing Pilot, Herod, the Sanhedron (sp) Do you really think that those busy officials sat waiting ready for Jesus to be drug before them? No!! arrangements had to be made, appointments confermed. That takes too much time for it to have been done on one morning on Nissan 14 BEFORE the first Passover meal was eaten on the day of Preparation. So given that scene when did Jesus eat the Passover meal? 24 hours before everyone else?

  • Loris

    No I am not and have never been a 7th Day Adventist. Until July 2002 I was a JW. Now I am a Free Christian. One of the unchurched.

  • peacefulpete

    The Bible says Jesus died on Friday because this was necessary for the motif. Attis and the Phoenix both prechristian myths associated with sun worship were dead for three days only to be revived to life. Sunday was the day this was celebrated by worshipers of sun gods hence it's name. Mithra, Attis and at least a dozen others were crucified upon a cross or tree. Buddah who was viewed as a great light likewise was dead and was raised to life on the third day 500 years before Jesus the "one who dwells in unpproachable light" and "the light of the world". The dozens of elements of the Jesus story that were borrowed from other sun dieties led opponents of Christianity to address Christians as sun worshipers. This was not universally denied as evidenced by the date of Jesus birth having been chosen to be that of at least 5 sun deities. (Dec 25) The halo of course was a solar disc depicted upon sun gods. And the artwork of early Christianity all the way through to the present utilizes sun god imagery. Early Christians saw Jesus as a new expression of eternal truths like light and goodness and these were traditionally couched in mythologial languge of sun worship. So yes Jesus was crucified on Friday just like his predecessors.

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  • Loris

    This, the Nissan 14 date of the Passover/Trial/Death of Jesus, was just one of the things that I accepted because THEY said so. But it always bugged me. the scenario just did not fit with the logistics of the whole thing. If anyone was hauled in to see the GB in the wee hours of the morning and they wanted the state of NY to hang you how long would it take to get a hearing before the Mayor of NY and also the Governor of NY and get finally the Governor to agree to sentence you to be hung in Central Park that very afternoon? It ain't happenin today!

    Then as I began to Really examine my beliefs I discovered many basic doctrines held dear by JW's just do not wash. Chuck Russell should have continued to examine the scriptures instead of measuring pyamids and publishing newsletters and hanging out with adventist whackos.


  • ozziepost
    Now I am a Free Christian. One of the unchurched.

    Tell us more. It would be of help as well as interest to the lurkers here.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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