Were You Part Of a Divided Household?

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  • minimus

    Thank you Ascot and the Governing Body send you their greetings!

  • songmistress

    Thanks Minimus and Ascot:

    Being out of the B'org for the last 7 years has helped alot, but this thread helped opened a wound that apparently was festering and was in need of lancing. I feel much better today. Now I just need to get some sleep tonight.

    Ascot, being commended for hanging in certainly seemed to be some kind of canned response. I knew they meant it sincerely. The worst offenders in this matter were some of the nicest of elders also. Too bad they do not realize that no amount of "commendantion" takes the place of simpley showing someone by actions, that they are important and valued. I was a rather high maintenance person, and I do not think the congregation knew what to do with me.(OK, I can still be a high maintenance person so nobody jump my case lol). But being ignored and downclassed because I chose to remain faithful to my marriage vows (in accord with my understanding of God's will such as it was at the time) was such a crock of sh*t. As the scripture says, "By their fruits you shall recognize them". Boy did I end up recognizing them.

    Blessings to all


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