Were You Part Of a Divided Household?

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  • Brummie

    Yes, no... no

    I'm glad my dad never became a zealous JW! He had brains huh.


  • Loris

    Divided households are not FULL members of the congregation. They tend to be on the outside looking in as regards to get-togethers, being invited to anyones house or even being invited out in service by the insiders. My abusive husband was not someone that they wanted to hang out with. Altho he was not abusive to them he was definitly worldly. The children were ignored by most in the cong. I always felt that they may have been looked at as being contaminated by the worldly father and the FULL member children might catch something. Because of the outside-looking-in mindset it has been easier for my children to let go of the whole JW thing since I left in July. They all know that the witch hunt for them will be on soon. But since they did not forge strong friendships with any FULL members they have less to loose. They have each other as friends.

  • SpannerintheWorks


    Why do I ask questions??? Because I like to.

    OK, why do you "like to"? What are you trying to achieve? Why are you so interested in finding out how we all feel / felt?

    You see, I can be honest and say why I am asking YOU so many questions. It is because I have never got a straightforward, honest

    answer as to your motives. "I like to", is a childish answer and only dodges the issue. An answer like that does not explain "why" you

    continually ask such questions. If you were genuine, Minimus, you would understand my concerns and explain properly.


  • SpannerintheWorks

    I mean, you even ask such questions within a question! Look at it. If that's not loaded, I'm Fred Franz!

    Were you able to do things other JW's couldn't do because your parent was an unbeliever? I know some kids that have the best end of both worlds.
  • minimus

    Dear Fred Franz....What the hell difference does it make to you? OK, I'm a troll and I suck and I'm no good and I like to ask stupid questions and not tell you all the reasons. I work for the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. I check and research all your answers and personally give them to the Governing Body on Monday mornings. I am a member of the elite "Righteous Guard" and I am here to turn in all apostates and their supporters. ....Is that GENUINE enough?.........I didn't think so, Fred.....I hope you feel better.

  • acsot


    As for me and my household, keep on asking the questions! It keeps things interesting and lively and I for one sure don't read any "ulterior" motives in it.

    And give my regards to the GB on Monday morning !

  • minimus

    Thank you Ascot, I will be sure to give the "faithful slave" your greetings!

  • Pleasuredome

    my mom says that she wasnt treated very well at all after moving congs in 1980. the new cong were very cliquey and looked down on people in a divided household.

    its interesting that the WTS calls it a divided household. divided by whom i wonder?

  • animal

    I could write a book.....


  • minimus

    It's true that divided households were actually looked down upon. That's truly a shame. They were made to feel uncomfortable and the result was that they seldom got invited to people's homes or get-togethers.

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