No Soliciting signage and JW Policy

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  • DwainBowman
    An old sister I knew for years, and was very old school jw. Shw would knock normally once or twice, then knock like a kicking mule, if that didn't work, she would go around the house, and bang on every door. I was with her one morning, as we left the front door, she started around the house, I went back to the car. As she banged on the back door, a man yanked the door open, cussed at her, and fired a shotgun into the air, and said, next time it's your gd head!
  • HappyDad

    I've been living in an HOA community in Florida for a year and at the entrance is a sign that says "No Soliciting". I think here in Bonita Springs, the JW's do obey and don't go to any condo complexes. I see them on weekends walking the neighborhoods and every day they have their literature cart on the sidewalk at the city park. My first nine months here I stayed with my daughter in her condo and they never worked it. It also is an HOA.


  • rebel8

    "No soliciting" doesn't apply to jws unless your particular municipality has taken a lot of liberties with the dictionary definition of the word.

    Since it doesn't apply, it's equally as irrelevant as having a sign that says, "No smoking", or "No skateboards." You wouldn't complain to your HOA or the police unless the dubs are smoking or skateboarding.

    You may, however, lobby your city or HOA to enact a rule prohibiting dubs from entering the neighborhood or whatever.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

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