Do you ever think about returning to Jehovah

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  • sf

    Lulu summed it up pretty well in my opinion.

    If you CHOOSE to join hands with this criminally corrupt BOOK PUBLISHING EMPIRE (please, do the homework), even after knowing what the documents and WT publications display as such...

    You too, are an accessory to their crimes.

    My opinion.

    There is simply no excuse for an adult not to tap into the tool in front of them (superhighway) and arm themselves with knowledge and facts. None that I can 'witness' anyway.


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  • riz

    yes. right after i chew off my left arm and beat myself senseless with the bloody end of it.

  • alliwannadoislive

    Do these men on the governing body really believe they are being led by God?

    Surely any person in society saying such things would be quite rightly avoided.

    The Borganisation is a massive publishing empire.

    They even sell old books with outdated doctrines - why would they waste stuff they've not sold yet. Create a market and it'll keep you well off into old age.

    There is no question of any true God being dictated to by the Watchtower Publishing Corp.

    Therefore how could you return to Jehovah through them?

  • 144thousand_and_one

    I can't understand that feeling, as I never enjoyed being there in the first place. I, like many if not most JW children, was an involuntary participant, coerced to attend meetings and peddle the snake oil via the threat of severe beatings. If you really enjoyed circuit assemblies, then have at it! I'm sure they'll welcome you back, that is, after you suffer enough humiliation to afford the elders an opportunity to reinstate you.

    BTW, I've been out for over 20 years, and have never had such an inclination or desire.

  • jgnat

    Jehovah has never left me. Like Double_Edge, I have never been a witness. So I don't confuse Jehovah with a Man-Made Organization.

    I recently started at a new church in my neigbourhood. A room full of people sang their devotion to God from full hearts, a lovely sound. I cried when we sang the same I heard when I accepted Jehovah in my heart, over 20 years ago. I smiled at the children bounding down the aisles, all in their Sunday best, crowding the associate pastor as he told a little story. At least five strangers shook my hand and introduced myself, and asked if I was comfortable. The pastor sent me a letter of welcome the first week. So I can understand how you might miss the fellowship. Do you think that Jehovah only lives in Kingdom Halls?

    Are you sure you are not just missing the leeks and onions?

  • jws

    The "Jehovah's Witnesses", never had any special favor with God, so why would returning there be like returning to God? They are a man-made organization who has continually proven over the years that they are not divinely directed. Be it failed prophesies, doctrinal flip-flops, or merely policies which cost lives or cause hurt.

    I might go back, but only undercover to stir up things and cause mischief. I know better about them and can no longer swallow their lies.

    Inspirational Circuit Assemblies????? Were you drinking? Have you ever been to other churches? Try them sometime. I went to others. Some are very boring, but that aside, you can feel the love. In many cases, you can feel so much more emotion. Just in the singing alone, you can feel how jazzed-up the people are. It's not some mumble-along, plodding JW songbook song.

    Since leaving, I feel so free. I can read a scripture and ponder what it might mean without Watchtower blinders. I also feel free to explore other commentaries. I feel free to open my mind and learn. I feel much closer to God than I did as a JW.

    Step back before it's too late and you serve the rest of your life in an organization that preaches works and loyalty to them, not the grace of God.

  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    Terrific post, Francois...<grin>

    Auntie Flame

  • Maverick

    What you may have felt is a little nostalgia. In Steve Hassan book on Mind Control (he does not talk about the J-duds) he mentions an important technique used by these groups. It is called the "honeymoon". When a person first comes in he or she is greeted and paid a great deal of attention. Some members may even "adopt" the new one and befriend that one. This feeling of warmth and apparent love can be deeply felt and imprinted on the new one. I still have fond memories of my first year of coming to the Hall. And that is reinforced at the Assemblies and Conventions. Think about this. How many people at this gathering knew you and your status? Were you able to walk among them freely? How will you be treated at the local level? Remember this, There is a difference between Religion and Worship. Maverick

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