Do you ever think about returning to Jehovah

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  • pr_capone

    In all honesty, there is nothing that could drag me back to the dubs

    You have to know that the organization does not represent god. You can have a personal relationship with any diety without having to go through an organization.

    If you feel that the JW's are what you need to have a relationship with god, then go for it. ; ;You should try to find that relationship on your own

  • blacksheep

    I *never* felt like there was any spirituality in the Kingdom Hall or the curcuit assemblies. Let's see, I remember the silence while people flipped to the NWT scriptures. But, all in all, it was the most incredible waste of time I've ever experienced. It's a cult. Do people regret returning to a cult??

  • patio34

    A bit of a loaded question (Do you ever think about returning to Jehovah?). As others have pointed out, the WT organization doesn't equate Jehovah.

    Another point, and the reason I left and would NEVER consider going back, is that none of it is true. The violence in nature that predates Adam (hence has nothing to do with any supposed sin); the incorporation of myth into the Bible from so-called pagan religions; the insupportability of so-called prophecy being written before the event; the .... well, I'm not giving any supporting facts am I, so I'll stop with my reasons for disbelief.

    My point is that you should make an investigation into the basis for religion and see if it holds water. Why let people tell you what to do under their supposed authority from divine origin without checking out the source?

    The information is out there on the net, in libraries, etc. if you care enough to find out and make an informed decision. As the last poster, Sidhasanyunta, stated, some people like others to tell them what to do. It's as in The Shawshank Redemption, some in prison just can't handle real life when released and go back to being institutionalized.

    Good luck and think for yourself! Educate yourself from other sources than the WTBS!



    My answer to that: no

    Francois, that was brilliant (re: the flea) .

    Many good suggestions posted here regarding this question. I hope the person who posted the question will take heed and investigate the information posted.

    A balanced, well-informed viewpoint may save a person a lot of heartache and grief.

  • notperfectyet

    D8TA..I will worship you.....where is your temple? < and remember........I have a bad back...;) >

  • CoonDawg

    Well, if you feel the need to return and you won't be happy unless you do, then that's where you need to be. If you go, go with your eyes open. Hopefully, you will have the lesson to take back of questioning everything. Personally, last time I tried to go to the meeting, I just couldn't stand the inane BS that was droning on and on. I finally had to get up and leave...telling my wife that I'd see her in the car.

    JW's don't answer all the questions that you are ever going to have. I hope that you realize that.

    I wish you well on your journey.


  • Introspection

    The feeling you get from an assembly is simply a state of mind. Having been a witness (btw, I am neither DF'd nor DA'd) I've experienced that myself. I have also experienced many other states, however, some far more powerful and complete than that felt from an assembly or convention.

    I'm here to tell you that none of those states are where it's at, even the better ones. A state of mind is by definition transient and will go away in time, but when we talk abour spirituality it seems it implies that which is permanent and does not change. Even that which is familiar is still temporary, you have to keep going back for more. This is not spirituality, it's a habit. Even if you haven't gone in a long time, it's just an old habit resurfacing, along with the associated feelings.

  • Prisca

    Wild horses wouldn't be able to drag me back to that book-selling company.

    As for "returning to God"... I never left Him and He's never left me. I left an Organisation, not a Deity.

  • neyank

    Hi Ikhani,

    "Do you ever think about returning to Jehovah"

    You asked us this question and you got some answers.

    I hope you stay here long enough to explain why you think leaving the WTS is the same as leaving God.

    As far as I can tell, the WTS is not God.

    They have lied, decieved, made false prophecies,acted in an unChristian manner, and have put themselves in place of Jesus as the mediator between God and man.

    The have taught teachings that were found to be false, even to the point of people dieing following some of the teachings. ie:organ transplants,vaccinations, blood.

    They have always stated that they speak for God, and that they alone in all the earth is the group God is using to distribute His information.

    And yet, even after stating that they are Gods Org., and that God is using them and that to survive Armageddon aperson must be part of the WTS org. they have to keep changing their teachings.

    Their main focus is on doing works to please God and maybe, just maybe escape being anihilated at Armageddon.

    What IS the WORKS the WTS insist is the works God wants?

    Being at the meetings and selling, distributing, placing magazines.

    Now tell me. how would these works be pleasing to God?
    The magazines that the WTS forces their followers to get out to the public has ever changing info. in them. So they can't be Gods Words.
    The meeting are like sales meeting teaching how to place, distribute,sell these magazines.

    The whole emphasis with the WTS is DO MORE, DO MORE, DO MORE!!!!!!!
    Ok. Do more what?

    Take care of widows and orphans?
    Feed the hungry,? Clothe the naked? Help the helpless?

    No. None of these things.

    It's do more in fs. Selling, placing, distributing magazines. That's it.

    I really don't equate selling magazines with doing the works Jesus spoke of.

    If you feel that you must go back to the WTS,that's your bussiness.

    But I'd like you to explain why you think leaving the WTS is the same as leaving God.


  • JT

    welcome and hope you stay- your feelings are prefectly normal

    don't feel bad about how you feel- each person goes thru different feeling about leaving, some want to return some don't- but do yourself a favor


    PLEASE ORDER THIS ONE BOOK Crisis of Conscience by ray franz

    if you read this book and you STILL FEEL a need to go back then at least you will be able to make your decision as an INFORMED DECISION


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